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Book three in the Escape Trilogy from NineStar Press … Escaping Mortality.


Their ocean journey was successful, and Andrew and Edmund found an Elder just in time. As they wished, Edmund is now a vampire like Andrew. They have eternity together, but first, they must visit Edmund’s ailing mother in the English countryside with their flock of immortals, including the Elder, who has taken an ominous liking to his new creation.

When they arrive at Edmund’s family estate, his sick mother and her loathsome best friend await them. While ducking religious curses, Edmund struggles to harness an unexpected power gifted him by the Elder. Andrew fears for his beloved as Edmund becomes more and more monstrous—but vampires have always been monsters, haven’t they?

A battle is coming, for Edmund’s heart and his soul, and Andrew will lose neither. He escaped island exile and a near tragedy at sea to be with Edmund, the beautiful young sailor he loves. Andrew will do anything to keep Edmund by his side, but his most dangerous adversary may be Edmund himself.

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What people are saying …

“Andrew and Edmund have become two of my favorite vampires in literature and they deserve every bit of their happy ending.” – author JL Gribble

“Exploring fascinating settings like a tropical, cannibal-infested island, the bustling port city of turn-of-the-century New Orleans, and Victorian London, Sara Dobie Bauer propels her vampires through escapades and adventures while weaving a tale of love, dark magic, sensuality, and violence.” – author Elizabeth Lister

“So, so good. Sara Dobie Bauer has finished this series strong, and as much as I hate to see it end, it was totally worth it. Do yourself a favor, and read this series. It’s vampire love at its finest.” – Gay Book Reviews

“Bauer makes the best characters. They’re dark and complicated (and sometimes evil) but still lovable.” – author Cheryl Low