Life Without Harry

There was a distinct possibility that Sam was going crazy, or there was a less distinct and improbable possibility that Harry Potter was coming true …

Xanax-dependent author Samantha Elliot is on deadline with a literary festival three weeks away when a white owl flies into her windshield and then disappears. This wouldn’t be the strangest thing, if not for the magic wand that soon shows up and the Invisibility Cloak that just happens to make Sam invisible. Then, there’s Paul Rudolph: the office crush who finally asks her on a date.

With the help of anti-depressants and her friend, Julie, Sam must navigate an ever-escalating world of Harry Potter and an ever-hotter relationship with Paul while finishing a manuscript before her agent (who might be Lord Voldemort) arrives for the literary festival and possibly Sam’s head.

Anyone who mourned the final book in the Harry Potter series will love this heartfelt story of a woman trying to make life work, with the help of a flying broomstick.