Tumblr has made a frightening mistake

Ironically, I was going to wake up and write erotica this morning. Instead, I have to deal with Tumblr banning all adult content, and my heart hurts.

According to The Verve, “Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions.” Such content includes “female-presenting nipples and any media involving sex acts, including illustrations.”

This is all due to an Apple freak out. Somebody on Tumblr somewhere posted child pornography, so Apple removed the Tumblr app from its app store, creating this knee-jerk ban from Tumblr. I don’t condone child pornography, but people are people—good and bad—and post things—good and bad. The result is the rest of us (a massive, loving community of geeks, fans, and artists) being emotionally torn apart.

For me, it is emotional, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s downright scary.

I adore Tumblr. Ever since discovering the BBC Sherlock fandom, I’ve embraced Tumblr as a warm, safe space to drool over Benedict Cumberbatch and wallow in the Johnlock theories. Since then, I’ve moved on to join the hordes of Call Me By Your Name fans who giggle over every Timothee Chalamet / Armie Hammer hug.

As of yesterday, GIFs featuring Call Me By Your Name have been flagged as “adult content,” possibly due to the amount of skin or possibly due to the LGBTQ distinction. See, that’s the problem with Tumblr’s new method of “flagging” posts: it’s not an exact science, so if there’s too much flesh or something Puritanical Christian America deems “other,” it’s going to get flagged as explicit—and boom. Posts gets flagged; accounts get deleted.

A crucifixion painting of Jesus got flagged yesterday because of the nudity. So did the Venus de Milo, most likely because Venus is a female with (gasp) nipples.

Of course, Tumblr wants its followers to know everything is going to be all right because, “There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content.” Well, no shit, but do they really want a bunch of sexually curious eighteen-year-olds on Pornhub?

Tumblr is/was a safe space for young people to find sexual content that was not explicit in any way but beautiful. As I mentioned, Call Me By Your Name GIFs are being flagged. Want an example of one?

This moment of utter tenderness and fluff between Elio and Oliver is apparently not safe for consumption because heaven forbid we see two men naked and in love—mind you without their dicks flapping around.

For one Tumblr user, “I learned to embrace my sexuality through Tumblr. It is a place of much joy to me, not simply as a place to research, but a place to be creative, to discuss fandom, to build fandoms, and to make connections with people… in short—everything I have come to love and everything I will be sad to lose.”

Instead of a joyful, creative environment, Tumblr wants us to go to some porn site and watch an actress pretending to enjoy herself while being railed by some big, sweaty dude.

Tumblr is trying to cover its own ass by changing its image and, in turn, it is killing itself. We users are scrambling to find a place where it’s safe for us to be ourselves without fear of censorship or judgment—but we don’t know where to go because Tumblr has for years been a safe space where fans can get together and intelligently (and sometimes ridiculously) discuss not only our sexualities but also the perfection of Cumberbatch’s Sherlock hair and Chalamet’s jawline. There are literal hashtags like #hairporn as we jokingly embrace such innocent, escapist addictions when the real world—with its war and idiot politicians—becomes too much to handle. Now, using the word “porn” will probably get me deleted.

Once again, we’re back to “violence is okay but sex is not.” How dare we depict people in love? How dare we present a female nipple? How dare artists draw pictures of Sherlock and John in a heated embrace? None of that for kids, damn it! But violent video games in which we shoot exotic dancers is a-okay?

Ever since reading Fahrenheit 451 in eighth grade, I’ve feared censorship. I’ve watched it happen, little by little, via news stories about people wanting to burn books and laws that would allow florists to turn down a wedding on the basis of straight or gay. Yet, there was always Tumblr: this warm, happy place where I could squee over beautiful people, happy people, and make friends with geeks like me—friends I am now afraid to lose because of the mass Tumblr exodus.

Tumblr is where I’ve found most of my fan fiction readers. It’s where I market my novels (the covers of which, thankfully, only feature male nipples). It’s where I have given and received support from people who understand me—and now, it’s being butchered because the site itself went into Apple-induced panic mode (which, by the way, makes me rethink the terrifying cultural monopoly that is Apple).

I don’t want Tumblr to die, but the platform isn’t giving us much of a choice. I won’t be deleting my profile because I hope they see the error of their ways and reassess. I won’t delete my profile because Tumblr is where I go when I need to relax—and this bitch needs to relax. That said, Tumblr is turning its back on millions of dedicated users. It is changing, mutating, into something none of us ever asked for or wanted. If this is a sign of the times, please keep a look out. Soon, the firemen might be coming to burn your books. And I plan to burn with them.


The Emmett File: A Gender/Sexuality Debate?

When I first wrote my short story, “The Emmett File,” I had no idea it was going to cause so many arguments. I just through it was a cute, happy story about love and a charismatic British dude named Emmett. Instead, I sent the staff of one magazine into an uproar as they debated love versus gender versus sexuality. (Needless to say, the story got rejected from said magazine.)

“The Emmett File” is a love story in which a straight male falls in love with a gay male and they actually have a successful short term relationship that alters both their lives. The big debate: Can you love someone (really, really love them) with no regard for their gender or sexuality? Can you love someone just because of who they are?

Let me know what you think, as “The Emmett File” is now featured at Erotic Review Magazine. Here, have a taste, and follow the link at the bottom to read the whole dang thing.

“The Emmett File”
An Excerpt by Sara Dobie Bauer
Featured in Erotic Review Magazine

Emmett’s odd pizza creation was perfect. The IPAs were perfect. When we stepped into the summer air, even the night felt perfect. The sun had set, but tiny twinkle lights illuminated the immortal desert trees that lined the center of Mill Avenue. Kids were out in droves looking for a buzz. I floated on my full belly, my beer, and the presence of the man at my side.

“Nightcap at my place?” he asked.

“Of course.” I smiled.

Emmett’s apartment was exactly like him: charming and odd.

“Go on.” He waved his hand at me as he approached the kitchen. “Go through my things. Figure out all my secrets. Damn writers,” he muttered into the humming glow of his open fridge.

I thought I was bad, but Emmett’s book collection rivaled the Library of Congress. Several were textbooks. I recognized about a half dozen dog-eared Jane Austen novels. There was science fiction, horror, and comedy. No self-help. No surprise.

He didn’t have pictures on the walls. The wallpaper itself was decoration: an atrocious pattern of reds and oranges that mimicked cheap hotel lobby carpet.

He stepped to my side and gestured to the wall. “I didn’t do that. Came like that.”

“Sure, Emmett.” I accepted the beer from his hand. I took a few steps forward and then turned in a circle. “It’s funny. The only thing about you without personality is your apartment.”

“Probably because I’m never here.” He casually rubbed one thumb over his bottom lip.

I turned away to picked up a copy of Fahrenheit 451. “You might love books as much as I do.”

“Think so?”

I tossed Bradbury on a crooked pile. “Maybe.”

I felt his hand on my lower back, which made me stand up straight and face him. I expected a pithy comment; he dealt them like cards. Instead, he leaned in and kissed me, once, on the lips. His lips were surprisingly soft. Then again, I’d never kissed a man before. Maybe other men’s lips were usually soft. He went in for another, and I dipped my head.

“Uh-h …” I muttered.

“What?” He had his hand on my shoulder.

“Emmett, I’m not …”

I watched his eyes close. He pulled his hand off my shoulder. “Fuck, I usually have spot on radar for this. Shit.” He tugged his hand through his hair.

I felt an unfamiliar desperation, a fear of losing this friend I barely knew. Maybe it was the fear of losing a character like Emmett. “Please don’t make this weird. I’ve been here two weeks, and you’re the only person I’ve had a conversation with.”

“Charlie, God, I’m sorry.” He took another step away from me and leaned against the kitchen counter. “You just seem really comfortable around me. We went to dinner together. You kept staring at me.”

“Was I really staring at you? I’m sorry. It’s a cataloguing thing for writing. It’s probably why women think I’m creepy.”

Emmett smiled. Just like that, I knew the storm had passed.


Halloween Town · Modeling

Visiting the haunted Madison Seminary

People say Madison Seminary is the most haunted place in Northeast Ohio, and its owners agree. A female Civil War spy named Elizabeth Stiles died here. It served as a mental hospital with a locked wing in the attic that held the more violent and mentally ill patients. Visitors report seeing shadows and hearing footsteps.

When photographer Steph Gentry invited me to model at Madison? Of course, I said yes, so we had some spooky fun one chilly October afternoon. (All photos by Gentry Photography. Hair color/style and makeup by Megan Lacy Does Hair.)

(Did we hear footsteps in the empty hallway right after this picture was taken? Yep.)

PS: You can take tours at Madison Seminary. For more info, check out their website: https://www.madisonseminary.com/.

Escape Trilogy

ESCAPING SOLITUDE (Escape Trilogy #2) is here!!!

Today, Escaping Solitude (Escape Trilogy #2) has arrived!

What readers are saying …

“While some middles of trilogies drag, I enjoyed this story even more than the first one! Andrew and Edmund, and their relationship with each other, continue to delight. Bauer strikes the perfect balance between erotica and excellent plotting.” – JL Gribble, author of The Steel Empires Series

“This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. In fact, this series is one of the best I’ve read in a long time.” – Scattered Thoughts and Rouge Words

“The second book in Sara’s Escape series takes her vampire and his sailor to their inevitable home base: New Orleans. The comparison to Interview is unavoidable, so let’s say this series is like if Lestat could actually get it up, and if Louis weren’t such a damned mope.” – Kim Alexander, author of the paranormal romance Pure

About Escaping Solitude:

Ancient vampire Andrew escaped his tropical island exile with his beloved human sailor, Edmund. They’ve now returned to Andrew’s home in nineteenth-century New Orleans and must navigate not only their developing relationship—and equally haunted pasts—but also a hungry coven of vampires Andrew used to call friends.

Desperate to stay by Andrew’s side forever, Edmund examines the impressive coven library in search of an Elder, the only creature capable of turning Edmund. Although missing for centuries, Andrew believes an Elder must still survive somewhere; they just have to find him.

The search is put on hold when Edmund receives word that his mother is ill in London, and the lovers set off on an oceanic journey surrounded by new friends and old enemies. When things go terribly wrong, Edmund’s fragile human life hangs in the balance, and an Elder must be found or Andrew will be alone forever.


An excerpt from Escaping Solitude

It’s hard to not focus on Edmund’s bare skin as he drinks straight from the water jug before wiping his face with the back of his hand. The long, angry scar on his back dances in the moonlight, and the bandage on his arm glows white. I suppose it’s my fault he earned a new scar during our time on the island. His blood was a gift to me that managed to save his life.

He rubs at his shoulder as though sore. “My body is confused,” he says.

I lean up on my elbows. “How so?”

“It’s accustomed to hard work.”

“I’ll work you hard.”

He laughs, and the sight of his lean stomach contracting has me half hard already. He flops into bed on his belly. “Do you even listen when I talk?”

I run my fingers through his dark hair. It’s shorter now than when we first met. “I love listening to you talk.”

“I’ve spent years living at sea. When I wasn’t busy playing sailor on deck, I walked through wild forests and fought cannibals and pirates. Now, I’m here in this bloody posh hotel, eating pastries all day—”

I steal a kiss. “They’re called beignets.”

“And, if we’re not careful, I’m going to end up fat and lazy like all the other British dukes.” Edmund’s eyes go wide in the darkness. “Jesus, Andrew, I have to write my mother! She might think me mad, but she doesn’t want me dead. And the trading company. Their ship is at the bottom of the sea!”

I tackle him and put my hand over his mouth. “Quiet. Are you trying to wake the entire hotel? It’s nowhere close to morning yet. Your letter writing will have to wait.”

He mumbles against my skin.

“What was that?” I pull my hand away.

“Are we going to see the city in the morning?”

“Yes. I have plans.” I think of my tailor, Peters…and a possible nocturnal enticement.

Edmund’s callused palms run up the sides of my biceps. “I’ll have to pretend I don’t adore you, won’t I? Out in the city. Two men together is frowned upon. I won’t be able to do this…” He cups my head in his hands and pulls me closer until his open mouth finds mine. He sucks on my tongue until I grind against his hip.

I pull away and press my forehead to his. “Will I ever stop wanting you?”

“No.” He smiles. “Men rarely do.”

Escaping Solitude Now Available


How to write a vampire threesome

In celebration of Blood in the Rain 4, let me tell you that writing a threesome took some serious visualization skills. In my new short story “Miracle Monsters,” ancient vampires Flech and Ivy spot Addison at the club. Addison is deaf, and his handicap sets him apart from the sweating, writhing mob. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s freaking gorgeous.) Soon, they take him home and make him a mysterious offer …

But that’s enough. No spoilers here! The only obvious spoiler: yes, there is a threesome in “Miracle Monsters,” and yes, it was hard to choreograph. As a writer, it’s difficult enough writing a scene where three people are talking, let along fu … having fun. They’re having so much fun. My suggestion for writing a threesome scene: use your imagination. Picture everything. And, you know, do your research.

Blood in the Rain 4 is a collection of vampire erotica from Cwtch Press, and you can order your copy today. Read all about it:

Bite me, you say? Be careful what you wish for… These searing vampire short stories go straight to your unspeakably dark desires. Biting, drinking blood, sucking souls—they do it all in this scorching new collection. Whether they are out for a meal or a good time, the vampires in these stories are sure to make you hot and bothered. Savor each story one bite at a time, or devour the collection whole. These tales are sure to entice and ensnare you, whatever your kink or inclination!

Now, go buy all the vampire sexy goodness. Click HERE.

Enjoy an excerpt of my story, “Miracle Monsters” below. (And if Addison maybe looks like Timothee Chalamet, sue me. The kid is hot right now. There miiiiiiiiight be some Only Lovers Left Alive vibes, too …)

“Miracle Monsters:” An Excerpt
by Sara Dobie Bauer
Featured in Blood in the Rain 4

I spotted one such creature under the moving, colored lights. While I leaned halfway on my husband’s lap and played with his long, black hair, I watched the handsome stranger stand off from the crowd, his hip against the bar. He just barely nodded his head to the heavy bass as young men and women shouted at the bartender for another drink and another. He didn’t appear to hear them. When he was approached, I understood why.

“Fletch.” I squeezed his shoulder. “Look.”

The handsome stranger put down his drink and signed. He was deaf. The rapid motion of his hands allowed me a close study of his long, pale fingers. His friend responded in kind, and they laughed together. The stranger had shaggy, dark hair like my husband, so he twitched his head back to clear his view.

“Shall we give him a miracle?” I asked Fletch.

His nose tickled the side of my neck. “You don’t even know the man, dear.”

I wrapped my arms around him, the leather of our jackets sticking together in the muggy club. “But don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to. Look at him.”

“I’m looking.”

“He has the face of an angel, but the body of a man.”

“A boy, perhaps. He’s thin as a rail.”

“But tall. As tall as you.” I kissed the side of his face. “Don’t dare lie to me, husband. You would love to have him in our bed.”

“Your Good Samaritan is showing, wife. You only want to f**k him because he’s deaf.”

“Let me at least meet him.”

Fletch gave my thigh a playful squeeze as the stranger watched the crowd.

“Look how he moves,” I whispered above the music, right in Fletch’s ear. “He can feel the bass but nothing more, yet he watches the way people dance. He moves with them.”

“Like a man stumbling in the dark.”

“Yet, he is the light.”

When a young woman shoved up to the bar, the stranger tilted his body further toward us. Fletch was right, he was thin and delicate in the way flowers are with androgynous features that tricked the eye—every eye—into believing this creature belonged in bed. I could see them all looking, even the rude woman behind him. They all wanted, but we had the advantage: Fletch and I could actually sign.

“Good God, look at that mouth.”

I laughed at Fletch’s low growl.

“Fine. Go on, go get him.” He gave my ass a squeeze as I stood. “Just be sure to bring him back.”

Just in time for Halloween, buy your copy of Blood in the Rain 4 today. Click HERE, and enjoy all the vampire yumminess.

Escape Trilogy

Happy Halloween Time! ESCAPING SOLITUDE Cover Reveal

When Escaping Exile (book one in The Escape Trilogy) came out, I didn’t think designer Natasha Snow could do any better. Oh, I was wrong, so wrong. She has given me a true gift with the cover for Escaping Solitude … but first, read about book two (otherwise known as “Edmund in trouble”).

Ancient vampire Andrew escaped his tropical island exile with his beloved human sailor, Edmund. They’ve now returned to Andrew’s home in nineteenth-century New Orleans and must navigate not only their developing relationship—and equally haunted pasts—but also a hungry coven of vampires Andrew used to call friends.

Desperate to stay by Andrew’s side forever, Edmund examines the impressive coven library in search of an Elder, the only creature capable of turning Edmund. Although missing for centuries, Andrew believes an Elder must still survive somewhere; they just have to find him.

The search is put on hold when Edmund receives word that his mother is ill in London, and the lovers set off on an oceanic journey surrounded by new friends and old enemies. When things go terribly wrong, Edmund’s fragile human life hangs in the balance, and an Elder must be found or Andrew will be alone forever.

Ain’t that cover something else? Man, I got lucky when I found this model! He’s delicious.

Escaping Solitude will be officially released October 29 by NineStar Press, just in time for Halloween, my favorite day of the year. The book is filled with spooky New Orleans settings and scorching hot sex. (Just ask my first readers about the famous threesome.) For now, you can pre-order Escaping Solitude from NineStar Press or Amazon and wait impatiently for its big birthday!



(And just to be super annoying, there’s even a little teaser for book three at the end of Escaping Solitude.

Escaping Mortality, the third and final book of the trilogy, comes out in January 2019. Whereas Escaping Solitude is considered “Edmund in trouble,” Escaping Mortality sings the tune of “Andrew in BIG trouble.” Oh, how I love to be a dirty, little tease! Happy Halloween Time!!!)


Hungry vampires coming for you December 21st

Oh, I love vampires!!!! Love them!!! Y’all know that, I would assume, if we’ve ever spoken for more than five seconds. I was thrilled to be invited to join Once Upon AnthologiesLongest Night collection, coming December 21. Read all about it, see the AMAZING cover, and check out the Kickstarter campaign below!

The longest night. A vampire’s delight.

The winter solstice, a time of birth and rebirth, life and death, waning light and rising darkness. A time when those who flee the sun and crave the taste of blood find their greatest solace.

But one never knows what the longest night might hold.

Once Upon the Longest Night, a collection of adult paranormal romances, features nine novelettes of lovers and their battles against one of the greatest legends of our time: the vampire. A 15th-century seaman and the love of his life come face to face with a vengeful manjasang. In ancient Rome, a hunted priestess captured by a loyal centurion offers her aid to the enemy. With the help of a handsome Royal courier, a reluctant Romanian princess braves the curse flowing within her noble blood. Danger awaits when a vampire in the far reaches of North Dakota must endure the lethal cold to protect the woman she loves. And in a future New York, a broken general returns home for the Longest Night Ball where he meets a young male witch who might change his life forever.

This anthology combines vampire mythos and affairs of the heart with the sacred symbolism and magic of the winter season.

Sit back and let us tell you a tale. Welcome to the Longest Night.

About my story, “His Last Battle:”

Suffering from PTSD, vampire general Devlin Frost returns home from the war on Lycans and attends the historic Longest Night Ball. Here, royal witch Elijah Crow must choose three immortal suitors to compete for his love and power. When Devlin is shockingly chosen as one of the three, his immediate attraction to the young witch coaxes him into entering the fray, but this battle is for more than Elijah’s love. The broken general might also win back his ruined heart and bruised soul—if he survives the night.

About the Kickstarter:

There are so many ways you can support this anthology, coming December 21. In the Kickstarter campaign, you can become an Ambient Feeder, Member of the Court, or even win a full Sara Dobie Bauer Bundle! Click on the REWARDS button and learn more:

The Once Upon Anthologies imprint was created to offer readers a variety of themed paranormal romances along with mythological and fairytale retellings from mostly New-To-You authors. It’s a way to showcase talent in the fantasy romance genre all while delivering bite-size nighttime tales you can’t put down. “The way we see it, we still love a good fairytale or ghost story, we just like them a little sexier now.” Amen to that!!


JL Gribble reveals her fantasy movie cast for the Steel Empires series

Book 4 of the Steel Empires urban fantasy series is out TODAY! In a world with vampires, warrior-mages, weredragons, and sarcastic violin players, time travel seems like the obvious next step. To celebrate Steel Time, author JL Gribble is here to share her fantasy movie cast for the main characters in her book.


You’re never too young or too old to experience a paradigm shift.

Toria Connor is 25 when tripping over an artifact in the ruins of Nacostina thrusts her a century into the past, before the city is destroyed during the Last War. Now, she finds herself alone. Adrift in a time where she must hide everything important to her, from her mercenary career to her true magical ability.

Victory is over eight centuries old when she follows her adopted daughter. She has seen empires rise and fall, but never anything like this. She must survive alone in a city inhospitable to vampires, dodging friends and foes from her past alike.

Both of them know the clock is ticking down to the moment when the city is wiped off the map. Now, they’re in a race against time. To find each other. To escape the past. And to save the future.

Currently available from:
Barnes & Noble
Direct from publisher
Carpe Librum (JL’s local indie bookseller)
… or support your own local independent bookstore by requesting a copy today!


It is possible to read Steel Time as a stand-alone book, but don’t miss out on Toria and Victory’s previous adventures!

Book 1: Steel Victory
Book 2: Steel Magic
Book 3: Steel Blood


Toria Connor

While Toria Connor started this series in college, in this book she’s reached her mid-twenties. She’s settled into her life and career as a mercenary warrior-mage. She’s tough, resourceful, and independent. But her life gets turned upside-down, and suddenly she has to hide everything about herself and pretend to be a normal woman in an old-fashioned world. I cast Lauren Cohan as Toria because of both her physical appearance and how her role as Maggie showed how she can be both fierce and sweet.


As Toria gets older, she now looks more like a sister than a child to her adopted vampire mother. Victory has made the transition from career mercenary to local politician, but she’s never afraid to return to the sword when her daughter needs help with a job. Returning to the past reminds her of a world that used to be, and how she doesn’t necessarily want to return to the person she used to be. Jaimie Alexander is my Victory, because I fell in love with her presentation as the strong and gorgeous Lady Sif in the first Thor movie.


The elven assistant curator at the Museum of New Continental History goes by Liam in casual company. He is originally tasked with helping Toria acclimate to life in the “future,” but their relationship gets off to a rocky start before sparks start to fly. This nerdy intellectual is much, much older than a human his apparent age would be, but Toria proves herself more than a match for him. I first saw Luke Mitchell in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and though I didn’t love his character, this photograph of him evokes Liam to a T. Just needs pointier ears.


While Toria is Victory’s adopted human child, Jarimis is Victory’s vampire progeny. Bred and raised to be an assassin, he embraced Victory’s mercenary lifestyle before abandoning it to pursue his true passion of academia. I’ve had Jarimis in my head as a character for at least a decade, but it wasn’t until this book that I started looking at actors to represent him. Luckily, I didn’t have to go far. I’m a huge fan of iZombie, and Rahul Kohli was exactly what I was looking for.


By day, JL Gribble is a professional medical editor. By night, she does freelance fiction editing in all genres, along with reading, playing video games, and occasionally even writing. She is currently working on the Steel Empires series for Dog Star Books, the science-fiction/adventure imprint of Raw Dog Screaming Press. Previously, she was an editor for the Far Worlds anthology.

Gribble studied English at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She received her Master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where her debut novel Steel Victory was her thesis for the program.

She lives in Ellicott City, Maryland, with her husband and three vocal Siamese cats.

Find her online at:

Escape Trilogy

The Secret Life of a Publishing House Editor

For Escaping Exile, book one in The Escape Trilogy from NineStar Press, I had the pleasure of working with editor Jason Bradley. Working with a new editor is sorta like trying on a new pair of jeans because you’re pretty sure everything looks right but you won’t know until you’ve worn them around a couple times.

Not that Jason is a pair of jeans BUT there are always questions with a new editor: Will we work well together? Will we argue? Will there be banter? I got lucky. While working on Escaping Exile, the banter was brilliant, and Jason helped make my sexy novella better than ever.

As someone who usually works behind the scenes, Jason was a little nervous about a blog interview … but I made him do it anyway. Meet editor Jason Bradley.

What’s your background? In other words, how did you become an editor?

Oh boy, um… when I was laid off from my job in an attorney’s office, I enrolled online to finish my psych degree. While doing that, I took on some side jobs proofing and editing. I liked it so much, I signed contracts with several publishers and ended up as an editor-in-chief for one of them. That publisher is no longer in existence, but I have continued to edit with multiple publishers as my career.

As an editor, are you a writer, too? If so, what do you write? (And can we buy your work anywhere?)

I am a writer. My author name is Jason Huffman-Black, and I have a few free shorts, a short in the anthology Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open, and one novel entitled Snakes Among Sweet Flowers. I also have a bunch of half-finished manuscripts because I really don’t have time to write.

(Sara side note: Snakes Among Sweet Flowers is FANTASTIC, and I want to make out with Cam. Just saying. Buy your copy HERE.)

What made you want to work on The Escape Trilogy?

Well, I’m a sucker for vampire historicals, so there’s that. I’m also a sucker for a good story and smooth writing style. Between those three points, you won me over.

What’s your favorite thing about The Escape Trilogy?

That’s a hard one. I think I like how deep and three-dimensional your characters are. There are layers and faults that make them compelling and keep the reader engaged.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

I hate these kinds of questions! Mostly because my life revolves around reading amazing stories and I couldn’t possibly name all the authors I want to mention. I will admit that one of my guilty pleasures is a not-top-tier author who I still cannot stop reading: JR Ward. But yeah, big hunky vampires…

Mary Renault is a personal favorite. Her Alexander the Great series made me feel all the emotions. Another is Storm Constantine. Her Wraeththu series is amazing.

I based my characters on Alexander Skarsgard and Timothee Chalamet. Who are your Hollywood crushes?

I’m not a big fanboy, although I have to say Alexander is very nice. Jason Momoa is another I really find sexy. I stopped watching Game of Thrones when his character died and have never gone back to it. But I must add that I’m not much of a TV watcher so that’s not a big shocker for those that know me. One of my unfinished manuscripts has a character that is partially based on Jason.

Most of my “crushes” are more eclectic and a little weird. Wolverine and Cable (before they were movie characters, back when they were just comic characters), the Predator in the last movie, the Wookie with dreds, umm…Garnet from Steven Universe… I’m sure there are more. ~shrugs~

What’s the best part about being an editor? The worst part?

The best part is getting paid to do my favorite thing… read! The worst part? Hmmm… not getting paid insane amounts of money?

Any advice for newbie authors?

Sure! Lots! Write! Don’t stop. Get beta readers you trust to give feedback and don’t be afraid to change your story if need be.  Don’t be afraid to submit, even if you are rejected at first.

Your editor should be your friend, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to say things you don’t want to hear about your baby (your story). Ask questions, debate a change, but don’t get all bent over it. If you can’t handle what the editor is saying, how are you ever going to handle reviews?

Learn from your edits. If your editor goes to the trouble to explain why something should be a certain way, try to incorporate that into your writing. But don’t worry if it’s a rule you can’t grasp. Job security for me.

I really want to thank Jason for not only accepting my interview invite (which, trust me, scared the crap out of him) but also for being so kind to my lover boys, Andrew and Edmund, in Escaping Exile. This book (most books) would not be the same without editors. WE WRITERS NEED YOU! Have you hugged an editor today?

In other news, have you bought your copy of Escaping Exile yet? Book two, Escaping Solitude, comes out October 8, so get reading, my lovelies!

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Escape Trilogy

Happy Book Birthday to Escaping Exile!

It’s been a long time coming … but my sexy new novella is finally here. Thanks to publisher Raevyn McCann, editor Jason Bradley, and the team at NineStar Press, my bit of angsty, dark LGBTQ romance has now been set free upon the world, biting people far and wide. Here’s all you need to know, including “about the book,” theme song, and fantasy movie cast.


Andrew is a vampire from New Orleans, exiled to a tropical island in the 1800s as punishment for his human bloodlust. During a storm, a ship crashes off shore. After rescuing a sailor from the cannibals native to the land, Andrew becomes fascinated with his brilliant, beautiful new companion, Edmund.

Edmund is a British naturalist who has sailed the world seeking new species. Intrigued by creatures that might kill him, immortal Andrew is this scientist’s dream—but so is making his way back home. Edmund will fight to survive, even while wrapped in the arms of a monster.

As light touches and laughter turn to something much more passionate, the cannibals creep ever closer to Edmund. Can the ancient vampire keep his human alive long enough to escape exile and explore their newfound love, or will Andrew’s bloodlust seal his own doom?


“This book harkens back to Anne Rice in her prime, where Andrew and Edmund are just as memorable as Lestat and Louis.” – Quin Perin, author of Obsessed

“This is not a love story I ever expected to read, and even though ‘ancient vampire + madcap human’ feels like it should be quite a trope, Andrew and Edmund are a whirlwind pair who challenge and delight each other.” – JL Gribble, author of the Steel Empires Series

“If you like a little twist to your vampires, a jagged edge to your British aristocracy, and want a master class in developing complex characters over a minimal number of pages, you’ll really dig this story.” – J. Leigh Bailey, author of Guyliner

THEME SONG (Go ahead; stare at Hozier and Alexander Skarsgard.)


Alexander Skarsgard as “Andrew,” my bad boy vampire.

Timothee Chalamet as “Edmund,” the sexy shipwrecked sailor.

Tilda Swinton as “Michelle,” cruel coven leader.

Stuart Townsend as “Felipe,” that murdering son of a …

I’ve been shocked and honored by all the amazing advance praise and support Escaping Exile has already received … and it was only born this morning! Pick up your copy today, and start reading part one of The Escape Trilogy.

You better get reading because part two of the trilogy, Escaping Solitude, will be here in October. Until then, enjoy the blossoming love story of Andrew and Edmund, but watch out for those cannibals.