Holy s#@! I’m old

A feeling has been brewing for months now … the feeling that I’m old. Not, like, nursing home old or black-socks-with-sandals old but oldish. The feeling only recently intensified thanks to two bits of breaking news:

One: Tom Petty died.
Two: Benedict Cumberbatch is now vegan.
Let me explain.

I love you, Tom!!

The Tom Petty thing is self-evident. As I bemoaned the loss of one of my favorite musicians ever, Jake pointed out that this sort of thing is going to start happening more and more as the artists we grew up with  literally get old and die.

The Cumberbatch explanation takes more time. As you’re probably aware, I adore this man, so I know pretty much everything about the guy, including the fact that he quit smoking a couple years ago, then became a father, and turned forty-one in July. Now, apparently, he’s gone vegan.

I’m not against going vegan, but I feel like Mr. Cumberbatch is desperately trying to stop the clock to extend his career (which I’m obviously fine with because I love him). Still, one of my favorite stories I’ve heard him tell is about the time he and Keira Knightley got drunk on espresso martinis the night before filming Atonement and then had to show up on set, run dialogue, and pretend they didn’t wanna vomit. Now, he’s an adult or something and won’t smoke or eat cheese. WTF?

Smokin’ hot.

As someone who smokes the occasional coffin nail, loves cheese, and can’t listen to “Free Falling” without crying, these two bits of information were terribly upsetting, along with the recent realization that my favorite yoga instructor is TWENTY. She can’t even buy beer.

In my own bid to be one of the cool kids, I downloaded Snapchat after a rollicking weekend with a bunch of twenty-somethings in Charleston, South Carolina. Imagine my horror when some of the photos made my neck look wrinkly. I’ve been obsessively coating my chest with lotion ever since.

Apparently, part of the aging process is denying it’s happening by being healthy and adjusting our diets and being mindful or some such BS.  The diet adjustment conversation happened between Jake and I last week when I complained about heartburn, and he looked at me as if to say, “Well, maybe if you didn’t like whiskey and pizza so much …”

I’m thirty-five years old, and all around me, friends are giving up gluten, suffering through back aches, and quitting smoking. Even I’ve become an avid hot yoga attendee thanks to a stupid injury that, if I were younger, never would have happened.

Don’t look at my neck!

The conclusion I have to make is that, in the grand scheme of age, I’m getting older. Fine, I’m not old, but I am indeed getting older. I have wrinkles and grey hair. I have hangovers that last two whole days. Sometimes, I just want to go to bed at nine PM, okay? Still, I’m not ready to go extreme.

Something I learned on that shenanigan of a trip in Charleston: I can still party like a college kid. I can still laugh ’til my ribs hurt. I still get hit on by children (aka twenty-one-year-olds). Yeah, my neck looks weird in photos on occasion, but maybe age is less about what our bodies are doing and more about our points of view. Maybe if we think young, we will remain young?

I can’t be sure. This is my first experience with aging, so I’m learning as I go. Maybe there will be a day when I give up pizza in exchange for zero heartburn … but today is not that day. Maybe there will be a day when staying out until two AM is just too much … but today is not that day. Maybe there’ll be a day when I can listen to “Free Falling” without sobbing, but mmm, no, today is not that day.

11 thoughts on “Holy s#@! I’m old

  1. For me, the worst aging moment of my life was last fall when I stumbled into the bathroom at four a.m., turned on the light and saw my long-dead grandmother’s face in the mirror.

  2. OH GOOD GRIEF. Until you hit 65 then 70 ++++ You are not even close to OLD. Ignore the grey and remember wrinkles are what photoshop is for:)) Seriously, one day NOT SOON, you will look at your hands and wonder who those old lady hands belong to. Until then, enjoy the fact that YOU ARE PERFECT. Everything (or almost everything) works and you aren’t even close to those old lady hands.
    Oh, the other telling thing is when you have no idea who these movie stars are that ET and PEOPLE are talking about. I try to keep up but at 72, I really don’t care:))
    Also, your mind will always tell you you’re 25 but eventually your body will say LOLOLOLOLOL

    Remember, You and Jake are PERFECT!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

  3. Yes dear, I hate skyping sometimes because my neck looks wrinkly but I still act like a kid and forget I’m old when I’m laughing and having fun with friends. That’s what it’s all about! You’ll always be our “Princess “. ❤️

  4. Yes dear, I hate skyping sometimes because my neck looks wrinkly but I still act like a kid and forget I’m old when I’m laughing and having fun with friends. That’s what it’s all about! You’ll always be our “Princess “. ❤️

  5. “Old age is no place so sissies!”, to quote Bette Davis. Snap out of it, Sara! Until you notice a gray hair DOWN THERE you’re fine. As far as heartburn with pizza, pre-treat with Maalox, dude.

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