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“Sick Like Me” in Honeydew Erotic Review

I never asked for feedback when I wrote my short story, “Sick Like Me,” based on a song of the same name by In This Moment. (The music video is fantastic. Watch it HERE.) I just wrote something that was twisted and sexy with motorcycles and teacher-student seduction. I sent “Sick Like Me” off to magazines. Then, miraculously, it got accepted.

Honeydew editor Fiona Martine said two things really sold the story for her:
1) Dialogue about John Waters
2) A very sexy throat bite

Yes, there’s explicit sex in this story, but that’s not what “Sick Like Me” is about. It’s about coming to terms with your sexual preferences, embracing them, and finding someone else who embraces them as well … no matter how kinky. That’s love, baby.

I give you an excerpt of “Sick Like Me” from the Bad Ass edition of Honeydew Erotic Review. To read my story in its entirety, buy your copy HERE.

“Sick Like Me”
By Sara Dobie Bauer
An excerpt from Honeydew Erotic Review

Cam was a teacher’s assistant at Phoenix College, getting his Master’s in computer technology. He was the most unlikely of computer nerds, but he found sitting in front of a glowing monitor soothing: his city version of sitting around the campfire stoned.

He assisted one of his favorite professors that semester, Lisa Franklin: a tall, super smart dyke who was married to a much younger woman with twins. She told Cam her story once, how she left her husband when she realized she liked breasts and never wanted to see a penis again. Too bad her twins were both boys.

bikeFirst day of the semester, Cam held the attendance sheet in his hand: one of his many bitch jobs, done without complaint since the bitch jobs helped pay for his continued education.

When Evan walked in, silver helmet in hand, people turned to look. Even with his black hair flattened in the back, his too long bangs in his eyes, girls turned red and probably flooded their seats. The guy was just that hot.

Cam couldn’t believe his luck. He ushered a broad grin into the back of his mouth and rolled his tongue around instead.

He took attendance, and when he called the name “Evan Brody,” the guy—his guy—raised his hand, pushed black hair off his forehead, and didn’t say a word. Cam had the name, and he said it in his head while Lisa went over the syllabus.

Evan Brody. Evan Brody.


Felt good on Cam’s tongue.

Lisa gave them a quick assignment to fill the rest of class: some basic shit with CAD. Something about building 3-D shapes, and “Cam, why don’t you walk around and help anyone who needs it?”

He did wide circles at first between the rows of computer screens. Then, he closed his circle and closed it until he stood behind Evan Brody and looked at the mess he’d made of his assignment. The guy apparently knew nothing about graphic design.

“You doing all right?” Cam said.

Evan glanced up—then looked up.

Yeah, you recognize me, Cam thought, and yeah, I see you, Evan.

The boy sighed. “I’m not good at this.” So he did have a voice, and what a lovely voice: a deep purr that sounded a lot like his bike.

“Here.” Cam pulled up a chair next to him and reached for the mouse. He shifted things around, showed him some useful tools. “Try again.”

Evan attempted to mimic Cam’s work but was a total failure.

“No. Here.” Cam put his hand on top of Evan’s on the mouse. It was a test, not in the academic sense, and Cam passed because Evan didn’t pull his soft, warm hand away. He let himself be guided.

Submissive? Perfect. God almighty, this is going to be easy.

To read the rest of “Sick Like Me” (and I promise, it’s a lot of freaky fun), buy your copy of Honeydew Erotic Review HERE

And, as a SPECIAL BONUS, if you’ve ever wondered why I write gay erotica, my SheKnows article on that very topic came out today. Read all about it at

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  1. I got it!! And it was free as I had a credit on Amazon. xoxo

    On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 11:06 AM, Sara Dobie Bauer wrote:

    > saradobiebauer posted: “I never asked for feedback when I wrote my short > story, “Sick Like Me,” based on a song of the same name by In This Moment. > (The music video is fantastic. Watch it HERE.) I just wrote something that > was twisted and sexy with motorcycles and teacher-studen” >

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