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Christmas sale for Life without Harry and Forever Dead

Now that it’s December 1st, I can say it: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I try to keep to one holiday per month, but today, I embrace the Bing Crosby ringtone on my phone and my Jacquie Lawson advent calendar. I also embrace … a sale.

Both my Amazon-published novel and short story are cheaper than ever for the next twenty-five days, at only 99-cents a pop. It’s the perfect time to catch up on your reading and buy yourself an extremely inexpensive Christmas gift.

What people are saying about Life without Harry:

LifeWithoutHarry_Cover2“Anyone who loved Harry Potter but had to grow up will love this heartfelt story about a woman just trying to make life work.”

“Especially delightful for all us Harry Potter lovers who yearn for more.”

“There are millions who wondered what on earth we would do when the series was done. I even named my cat Harry Potter. Magical and yet not what you might expect. Buy it and escape in a new direction.”

About the book: Xanax-dependent author Samantha Elliot is on deadline with a literary festival three weeks away when a white owl flies into her windshield and then disappears. This wouldn’t be the strangest thing, if not for the magic wand that soon shows up and the Invisibility Cloak that just happens to make Sam invisible. Then, there’s Paul Rudolph: the office crush who finally asks her on a date. With the help of anti-depressants and her friend, Julie, Sam must navigate an ever-escalating world of Harry Potter and an ever-hotter relationship with Paul while finishing a manuscript before her agent (who might be Lord Voldemort) arrives for the literary festival … and possibly Sam’s head.

385 pages
F/M romantic relationship; Magic realism
Rating: PG-13
Now available on Amazon for only 99-cents and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

What people are saying about Forever Dead:

forever-dead1“Bauer’s steamy vampire erotica story delves past the raw sex (though that has its place here, too) and to the nature of love itself.”

“Sara Dobie Bauer’s writing is spellbinding, on par with the greats. Sink your teeth into this wonderful story … now!”

“Her tale of vamp erotica inspires a case of goosebumps for gay lovers Dario and Zach. Their taboo affair stirs the heart and mind, with visions of Anne Rice dancing in the background.”

About the story: When ancient vampire Dario almost murders Detective Zach Mede for the fun of it, he is stopped by a sexual connection that threatens to ruin both their reputations. Despite keeping their forbidden tryst secret from the world, a vengeful female vampire finds out and makes Zach a target. Will Dario be in time to save the young mortal he has come to love and … at what price?

26 pages
M/M romantic relationship; Noir thriller erotica
Rating: Mature
Now available on Amazon for only 99-cents and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Wishing everyone a fun, steamy, and adventurous holiday season. Guaranteed, my stories will keep you warm and smiling! As they say, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … And don’t forget: my novel Bite Somebody will be published by Red Moon Romance in 2016. CHEERS!

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