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Hot vampire sex anthology, just in time for Halloween


I blame Anne Rice. I read Interview with a Vampire at an inappropriately young age, so now, mention the word “vampire,” and I’m like, “Bite me, you sexy beast.” (Especially if you look like Alexander Skarsgard.)

As you know, my vamp rom-com novel BITE SOMEBODY comes out next year. BITE SOMEBODY is funny and sweet and, yeah, sexy as hell–but mostly funny. My short story, “Forever Dead,” is not funny but scorchingly hot and now available in Cwtch Press’s Blood in the Rain: Seventeen Stories of Vampire Erotica.

In the words of the anthology’s editors, Cecilia Duvalle and Mary Trepanier, “Forever Dead” brings us “a muscular, vamp-hunting detective with an uncomfortable hankering for a blood-sucking guy.” Zach and Dario are possibly two of my hottest characters to date, and they do really hot things to each other. But they’re not alone.

bloodMore about the anthology: In this collection of erotic vampire tales from authors Northwestern and Northwestern at heart, the creatures range from classic to alien, from dom to sub, from blood-drinking to soul-sucking. In Jeff Mann’s “Summer Solstice Sacrifice,” a burly, kilted vampire faces losing a lover or turning him before it’s too late. Colleen Anderson’s “Hold Back the Night” explores how cultural norms divide two very different women in Mumbai—one of them undead. A male vampire watches his wife solve his murder in Joscelyne Gray’s “The Longest Death of the Year.”

And that’s just a tease. For the full round up, you can buy the Kindle or paperback version at Amazon today. It’s the time of year when all things ghoulish run free. Why not invite a vampire (or several) to your bedroom tonight?

If you want print, click HERE.

If you want Kindle, click HERE.

And to get you hot and bothered, here’s a quick excerpt from “Forever Dead:”

He wasn’t even out of his shoes when I threw my first punch. I lifted him about ten feet off the ground and dropped his dead weight on the kitchen table. I pinned him down and let him know, “I was just playing earlier. Now, I’m gonna kill you.”

He didn’t even yell when I tore at his throat. He barely struggled. Guess he figured when your time’s up, your time’s up. But then his hands were in my hair. He made a pleased “ung” noise, and I felt him, hard against my thigh. Before I knew what the hell I was doing, my mouth covered his parted lips. I shoved my tongue against his teeth, setting up imaginary flags that said “Mine, mine, mine.”

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