What’s an erotica-writing left-leaning Christian to do?

Photo by Paul Jacob.
Photo by Paul Jacob.

I feel conflicted.

Due to the whole Caitlyn Jenner/ESPY and gay marriage in the USA thing last week, my dad wrote a lamenting post on Facebook about “the state of things” for Christians in America and got equally applauded and attacked.

The big surprise for me was that some of his attackers were my childhood friends. I’m not surprised they disagree with my dad; I’m surprised they were surprised by his post. I mean, my dad is the most conservative Christian I know. The fact that he considers gay marriage, nationwide, to be a bad thing should go without saying.

His post inspired a conversation between Jake and me. The conversation we had was a bit worrying, because we both realized it feels as though Christians can’t disagree with gay marriage without being vilified, which means people are being vilified for having an opinion, and we all have a right to our opinions … even if that opinion isn’t the cool, new trend on Twitter.

I know how I identify. I am:
Pro-gay marriage
An erotica author
A prison rights advocate
The proud owner of a .38 special named Annie Oakley

I’ve long since realized I’m not a republican or a democrat. I’m not liberal or conservative. I’m a Benedict Cumberbatch-loving geeky writer with a husband and two dogs. I dance in rainstorms and make people laugh with my creative usage of the f-word.

My most famous story to date is “Don’t Ball the Boss,” nominated for the much-coveted 2015 Pushcart Prize. It was about a highly inappropriate and hilarious gay man and his sexual fixation with his straight male boss, which got me (like my father) equally applauded and attacked. And I was writing fiction!

I know where I stand, philosophically and creatively, but I’m wary about discussing it. I’m getting a little shaky about being honest and having a voice—and what the hell is a writer without a voice? For instance, I wrote an article about Lana Del Rey fans months ago and was bludgeoned to death by cries of “slut shaming!” and “women’s rights!” and “you’re just old and bitter!”

Damn. I was just making a point about idol worship.

Despite negative feedback, I can’t shut up. I can’t keep my politically incorrect mouth restrained. I have an opinion, and I’m allowed to have my opinion. So is everyone else, even if I think it’s wrong. It’s an opinion. Without opinions, we’d live in a world of peace and harmony and … boredom.

I realize that someday soon, one of my labels—the Christian one—will become a minority. In fact, someday, I might be locked up because I pray every day and think God is a pretty cool dude. Like Daniel with the lions, I’ll be added to the menu, but not yet.

For now, I still have a voice. So with that voice, I’ll say, congrats on gay marriage, but let’s not slander people who are against it. Remember: it’s not Christian versus gay; it’s about all of us listening to and respecting each other.

A final word from the Man upstairs: “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. … Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation.”

9 thoughts on “What’s an erotica-writing left-leaning Christian to do?

  1. I feel your pain. My wife is a pastor of (and I’m a member of) an evangelical holiness denomination. But I cannot support using the Bible to deny civil rights. I just won’t do it. So I empathize. It’s a fine line we walk.

    Popping in from AW. /waves

  2. I think the way my pastor said it on Facebook was about the best I’ve heard. He said that congress approving gay marriage doesn’t effect him, he knows what he believes is sin is what he believes, but he’s not going to go and condemn people for their sins because that opens the door for them to condemn him for his. He knows that in the end everyone will face judgment and have to answer for what they’ve done, himself included. It brings up the old passage when the women was about to be stoned for adultery, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So as a Christian he knows what the bible says is sin, regardless of what society thinks. As for me I just don’t cast any stones regardless of if I support something or not, though I feel for those who do and get attacked by others who like to claim how “tolerant” they are, and besides no-one asked my opinion anyway, but I thought you might like this way of thinking.

  3. I loved your dad’s lamentation. I was so proud of him. Like him, I can’t be a Christ follower without following God’s word. It’s not my opinion, it is just a matter of passing on the the truth that the Creator has prescribed.

  4. The only conflict seems to be that you disagree with your dad vis-a-vis gay marriage. Christianity and gay marriage shouldn’t be inherently incompatible. And totes, all opinions welcome and appreciated. It’s just surprising that people view a minority’s accessing the rights of a the majority as a road to the majority being “locked up … [and] Like Daniel with the lions… added to the menu”. It’s always odd to me that the thing the majority fears is being treated like a minority…

  5. What’s a girl to do? Keep writing, keep your voice, share opinions and continue to “love one another” as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. None of this is a surprise to the all-knowing Creator!

  6. I don’t write erotica although – I have often thought of a piece that deserves a bit of ink. Otherwise,
    Pro-gay marriage
    A prison rights advocate
    The proud owner of a .38 AZ Copper Centennial edition
    It is through your writing and other’s lamentations that we can find common ground. It doesn’t have to be an endorsement but a willingness to engage in the discourse – to look each other in the eye and have the conversation. I recognize that this probably sounds elementary but in my own life, it has been relationship that has opened up the acceptance and the tolerance. We live in the 5th largest gay population in the country. We have tourists and companies that still don’t visit us because they believe this is a place that is not welcoming to all. I suggest that we live out our Christian values and be accepting of all people. Thank you, once again, for a timely and thought provoking piece.

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