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I’m Shallow

Brad vs. Brad.
Brad vs. Brad.

My father has always considered me shallow. (Like he can talk; he used to judge college girls’ outfits from my apartment window in Athens, Ohio.) Daddy’s right, though; I am shallow. Look at my husband. However, I would like to point out to my father and to all of you … I’m not the only one.

This came to my attention most recently thanks to a box office flop.

The Fifth Estate is the fictional-based-on-fact account of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s rise and fall as conspiracy theorist and (arguably) American terrorist. According to the Huffington Post, this film, released October 31st, is “the biggest wide-release flop of 2013.” The director blames Assange and his underlying omnipresence in the media.

I blame a blond wig, brown contacts, and a funky accent.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch—my current Hollywood crush. (I like to keep one around; gives a girl something to look forward to in movie theaters.) Cumberbatch—or “Benny,” as I call him—is best known for the BBC’s Sherlock and his role as Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. He’s also best known for black hair, icy blue eyes, and a voice that Britain’s Times likens to “a jaguar hiding in a cello.”

Now. Take these things away from Benny, and what do you have? A lanky, odd-looking, British nerd who can act.

How is this even possibly the same dude?
How is this even possibly the same dude?

This was The Fifth Estate’s mistake. To play Julian Assange, Benny had to look like the guy—and he did! In spades! But as Cumberbitches (Benny fans), we don’t want to see him looking like Julian Assange. We want to see him looking HOT. Ergo film floppage.

Now, let’s discuss Little Favour.

Little Favour is a short film, released today on iTunes, starring dear Benny. In the film, Cumberbatch has:

  1. Shaggy, black hair.
  2. Bright blue eyeballs.

So far, word of the short firm has spread like a computer virus on all forms of social media. According to Empire Online, it is the highest selling short in iTunes history, even before its release!

Every Cumberbitch the world over probably has a copy already, and he/she has watched the short film a dozen times. (Well, er, I have, at least.) Anyway, Little Favour made me realize how shallow I/we really are! I mean, we say we love this guy, but we won’t go see him in a blond wig, will we?

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to admit to prodigious superficiality. Additional examples:

  1. Brad Pitt: Saw him immediately in Seven; skipped Twelve Monkeys.
  2. Val Kilmer: worshipped him in Tombstone; had no interest once he got fat.
  3. Ryan Reynolds: will watch even bad, bad movies just because he’s in them.


I don’t want you to think I feel bad about this. I don’t. I’m very proud that my husband has earned the nickname “Hottie McHotterson” amidst my girlfriends. I acknowledge my Benedict board on Pinterest almost solely includes pictures of him with black hair (he’s actually a ginger). I am shallow, and well … I’m okay with it. But I’m not alone.

Why, Val? WHY???!
Why, Val? WHY???!

5 thoughts on “I’m Shallow

  1. I like Ryan Reynolds, too. ^_^ Would not watch Green Lantern for him though, but I’ve watched far worse movies for The Rock. Can’t say I’m a Benedict fan, but yeah, he does not look any kind of good with that kind of blond hair. It washes him out. I like his ginger hair though.

    Okay so…I did NOT know Val Kilmer had gotten…bloated? 😦 *sigh* That picture cannot be real.

  2. Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He constantly kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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