Eau Flirt and the Ohio Seven Take on Nashville

Harvey Prince's delicious Eau Flirt.
Harvey Prince’s delicious Eau Flirt.

This past weekend, me and six of my best girlfriends from Ohio University took a reunion trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Along for the ride was Harvey Prince’s wicked perfume, Eau Flirt.

Perfume company Harvey Prince was founded by two brothers, in honor of their mom. Her love for things honest, pure, and beautiful inspired their first scent, Ageless, intended to make women feel younger. See, that’s the thing about Harvey Prince: their products don’t just smell good; their products utilize aromatherapy techniques to give power to every potent potion.

Eau Flirt, for example (our constant companion in Nashville) is intended to make you feel fun, flirty, and daring. According to their website, Eau Flirt is a “magical scent that flirts for you. Its warm, tempting notes of pumpkin pie and lavender are irresistible.” The stuff smells amazing, and well, the seven of us Ohio gals got an awful lot of attention in Nashville just by wearing this scent that’s good enough to gobble.

Admittedly, Nashville is a tourist destination. We were lucky enough to stay at the fancy Union Station Hotel (the old train depot), within walking distance of the main event: Broadway. Broadway in Nashville glows multi-colored neon. Live music pours from every open door, and even the bouncers are friendly.

Union Station Hotel lobby.
Union Station Hotel lobby.

True, I was disappointed with the lack of dancing. I was ready to two-step until my feet bled, and although I did acquire some pretty impressive blisters, the dancing was sub-par. How do guys in Nashville not know how to two-step? Probably because we met very few native Nashvillians. Most people we met were a lot like us: there for vacation. We ran into people from Italy, Australia, California, and even one dude from The Bachelorette. Let’s face it: a group of seven attractive women are prone to meeting a lot of characters, and I’m sure the Eau Flirt didn’t hurt.

Personally, I was most fond of the more divey bars out near Vanderbilt University, where I could actually sit and just gab with my girlfriends without screaming my guts out. The crowds on Broadway were a bit much for a little lady with social anxiety disorder.

I’m still recovering from an amazing time with amazing women and Harvey Prince’s amazing perfume. We were true adventurers of Nashville. We hit different neighborhoods, different scenes. We talked to people of all shapes and sizes. We listened to country … and I don’t even like country.

Yeah, I wake up every morning with Carrie Underwood songs in my head. (I look forward to that stopping soon.) But I have to face it: I just saw my college girlfriends four days ago, and I miss them already. When’s the next reunion? We’ll be sure to invite Harvey Prince along again for the ride!

Feelin' flirty and fun on Broadway!
Feelin’ flirty and fun on Broadway!

5 thoughts on “Eau Flirt and the Ohio Seven Take on Nashville

    1. Oh, my gosh, yes! When translated, it kind of sounds like a magic potion 🙂 I still have some leftover. Must try. Yummy stuff.

  1. Stopping over from the Blue Boards, here!

    The fact that you didn’t meet a lot of people from Nashville is pretty standard for Broadway. 😉 In fact, most of us in the Nashville area aren’t originally from Nashville. If you meet a native Nashvillian it is pretty impressive!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here, though! I hope you got a chance to hit up Hillsboro Village (near Vandy) as well … it is one of my favorite spots in town.

    And that perfume sounds divine. 🙂

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