Thank You, Magic Mike

A movie about male strippers? I’m in. I attended a showing of Magic Mike this past Saturday night with, of course, about six other girls. When I walked in, I passed a guy with a soda in his hand. I actually stopped him and said, “There’s a guy in this theater?” He wasn’t amused.

Unlike seemingly all the women in America, I’m not a Channing Tatum fan. Granted, I’ve never seen him in anything, but he never made a movie I wanted to see. Did you really expect me to watch Step Up, Dear John, or (gag me) The Vow? I don’t think so. Finally, here we have a movie about male strippers. Finally, Channing Tatum, something I can watch.

Did I expect Oscar-worthy performances? Hell no. This movie is all about fun. It features a full cast of super hotties, including Tatum (who, although he has a lovely body, also has a butter face), Matthew McConaughey (does the man ever wear a shirt? No? Good), and I Am Number Four English actor Alex Pettyfer. It was kind of weird seeing Adam Rodriguez from CSI: Miami half-nude, but whatever; it worked. They all worked—they worked it hard.

The dance scenes are phenomenal. Channing Tatum is a born performer. Admittedly, during a career slump, he was even a stripper in real life. I’m not surprised. He knows how to work a stage and work a crowd, as did the rest of the fellahs in this flesh-fest. True, they do get down to the nitty-gritty of night life. It’s made very clear that the life of a male stripper isn’t all money and chicks. The drug use was prevalent, occasionally with unfortunate results. Punches are thrown. People end up bleeding and practically hospitalized. After all, there’s gotta be some drama in a movie based solely on Channing Tatum’s abs, right?

And sure there were moments deep thought. Tatum’s character has to figure out his life path. Does he still want to be a stripper at the age of forty, or does he want to go after his dream of being a furniture designer? Does he want to keep having threesomes, or does he want to settle down with a good girl? Decisions, decisions. I could have done without some of the drama, sure.

Drama isn’t really Tatum’s strong suit. However, comedy is his preferred medium. I don’t know if we can thank the writers or the actors, but the dialogue was priceless. I almost wonder how much of it was ad-libbed, because at times, it felt so natural, you’d think these guys really did spend every Saturday together, drunk and covered in women. Hell, maybe they do. Crude, yes. Offensive? Of course. What did you expect? It’s a movie about male strippers!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday night experience, especially surrounded by a bunch of women who screamed at the screen as if we really were at an all-male revue. Magic Mike isn’t going to win any awards (unless there’s an award for Best G-String), but you gotta see it to believe it. You can thank me later.

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