Mrs. Sara Bauer

They say your wedding day goes by in a blur, but isn’t that how life is when things are going well? Jake and I became husband and wife last Saturday, November 12th, 2011, at WindStar Gardens in Peoria, Arizona. We were married in front of God, in front of our families, and in front of our closest friends.

We took pictures. We kissed and kissed … We never stopped kissing. We ate gourmet Mexican food and s’more cupcakes. We laughed through four (yes, four) speeches, including my SOMOH (“Sexy Old Maid of Honor” Aunt Susie), two Best Men (my brother and Jake’s pal, Vince), and an additional, surprise Best Man, who wrote a letter (Rob, who is currently on a Navy carrier). We had our first dance as husband and wife to Louis Armstrong’s “La Vie en Rose.” I cried happy tears, and we danced our butts off.

I don’t know when it really hit me, whether it was while watching Jake shimmy to “Footloose” or when I saw him for the first time in his tuxedo, but I was suddenly overwrought by a dizzying spell of pure JOY.

JOY, knowing that somehow, in this crazy world, I have the man of my dreams.
JOY, knowing that he will always take care of me and love me, no matter what.
JOY, knowing that I will never be lonely again.
JOY, knowing that Jake will keep me laughing even when we’re old and gray.
JOY, knowing that I am now Mrs. Sara Bauer.

It was perfect. All of it. Every moment. Even when the rain began to gently fall at 10 PM sharp, just as Neil Young’s haunting “Harvest Moon” began to play, it was perfect. And it was also a complete, gorgeous blur, kind of like what Christmas morning feels like to a child.

Now, I am a married woman. Do I feel different? I suppose. There is a sense of peace that settles, post-wedding. The out-of-state guests head home. Jake and I have several bottles of leftover liquor (which assists in the whole “peace” thing). Ripley has been sleeping for three days straight, and I have earned the new nickname of “wifey.” Yes, peace does follow the joy, as I sit here and breathe and realize that for the first time ever, Jake will arrive home from work tonight as my husband. And every night for the rest of our lives, he will arrive home as my husband, and I will be here for him, as his wife.

The wedding is over; marriage now begins. And I am lucky, because I have loving family and friends to support me. Not to mention my darling Jake, who has made me the happiest woman on earth.

Hold me close and hold me fast / The magic spell you cast / This is la vie en rose. When you kiss me heaven sighs / And tho I close my eyes / I see la vie en rose.

When you press me to your heart / I’m in a world apart / A world where roses bloom. And when you speak … angels sing from above / Everyday words seem … to turn into love songs.

Give your heart and soul to me / And life will always be / La vie en rose!

14 thoughts on “Mrs. Sara Bauer

  1. Such a wonderful time with a great couple and their friends and family. So blessed to be a part of your special day!! You looked stunning!!

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