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Halloween Town: An H and Five Ws with the Glendale Paranormal Chasers

Are you afraid of ghosts? These guys sure aren’t. They recently gave a presentation at the Litchfield Park Branch Library, and the room was filled to exploding. I guess we all want to know more about what happens to us after we leave this mortal coil … I decided to pick their brains a bit. Plus, they’re going to take me on a cemetery visit to check out a place they consider to be “highly active.” Awesomeness. Allow me to introduce Tim Schell of the Glendale Paranormal Chasers.

Tim is a 40-year-old husband and father of three. He’s been ghost hunting for 19 years! He grew up in Laporte, Indiana, until the age of 19, when he joined the US Navy and had some of his first experiences with the paranormal. The Glendale Paranormal Chasers group is only 11 months old, and he started it with his wife because he was tired of hunting ghosts all by himself. Now, let’s learn more about what he does and what he believes.

How did you get involved in ghost-hunting?    
I was 17 years old, and I apparently had a ghost in my mom’s house. We didn’t know it until an eight-pack of soda bottles exploded one by one right down the line. Then I heard someone sit in my mom’s recliner, and I heard footsteps on the stairs. That’s when I went to my local library to read about spirits, and I’m still interested, some 19 years later.

Whose ghost would you most like to meet?
I really don’t have anyone whose ghost I would like to see, but if I was to choose one, as a kid, I always liked Elvira … so that would be my choice, haha …

Phantom mist ... Oooooo.
What is the most solid evidence of the existence of ghosts you have ever witnessed?    
I saw a little boy in my home back in Michigan and even communicated with him. His name was Adam. He told me he died in a car accident in South Bend, Indiana. He was looking for his family. He was in the hallway of our home and then walked down the hallway, lay down on our bed, and disappeared.

Where is the scariest place in Arizona?  
Honestly, still looking for it—although mind you, I have been to many haunted locations and come home with plenty of evidence as far as EVPs, video, audio on video, and pictures. I’ve had many personal experiences, as well, like hearing a voice in my ear or being touched by an invisible force. These places are haunted, but not scary haunted.

When have you felt most afraid?    
Not really afraid, but I have been startled many times. In daylight and at night time. Especially when a spirit whispers in your ear …

Is that a ghostly face?
WHY do you believe ghosts stick around after death?    
Because the Bible says, “We will ALL rise together.”  Also I know for a fact that if a person dies a tragic death, they’re more likely to be earthbound. They were knocked out of their body so fast that they don’t realize they’re dead. Another option: They didn’t get to tell someone something like “I love you,” or a goodbye. My team and I have also seen situations where a dead person does not want to give up his or her home or an item because they love it so much.

Thanks so much for this interview, Tim! Be sure to check out the Glendale Paranormal Chasers on Facebook. Happy hunting, guys! Now, readers, it’s your turn! Tell me your best ghost story! BOO! Happy Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Halloween Town: An H and Five Ws with the Glendale Paranormal Chasers

  1. I love that article about the Glendale Paranormal Chasers, I’m on their facebook page, they have really great paranormal photos that I like to look at, and some evps. My personal and most scarist ghost story happened a few years a go, before I got married. I was visiting my great grandparents house in Harbor City, CA. That house alone always freaks me out. I was sleeping in the guest room; and suddenly I felt someone sat at the edge of the bed…now I was alone, so that not only woke me up, but it freaked me out back than, only because I wasn’t sure what it was up until now. I have many other ghostly encounters as well, so I’m not as afraid anymore of the paranormal.’

  2. Old blog entry, I know, but Tim and their group (when they were still in Arizona) investigated my home multiple times. Tons of EVPs – “Are you gonna kill her?” is probably the most famous one. Next would have to be the voice of a little girl who’s grave we saw earlier in the day telling us her name. But, those are the things that happen, I guess, when when you have two “beacons” in one house.

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