Where Would You Go on Your Honeymoon?

Once you get engaged, everyone wants to know the wedding date. Once you have a wedding date, people want to know “Are you going on a honeymoon?” Jake and I were not prepared for this question, which got us thinking … Huh, are we going on a honeymoon?

The question had a lot to do with Jake’s work schedule and lack of vacation days. Plus, we already live in a version of paradise. We don’t have inclement weather to escape (except for freak dust storms, which was a helluva show Tuesday night, I might add).  When you live in paradise, where do you go to “get away?”

Jake and I are both well-traveled kids. He was in the Navy for nine years, so he’s been all over the world, including places like the wild city of Dubai. I traveled all over the country as a child. Then, when I was sixteen, I went to France. When I was twenty-one, I hit up Italy. When you’ve already been all over the world, where do you go to “get away?”

That'll be me in 2012.
We went to a bridal fair back in March. (It was scary; there are so many ways to waste money on a wedding. I mean, glitter-covered initials for our cake? Seriously?) One of the best parts of the fair was the travel agency. They had brochures from all over the world, and we picked up whatever caught our fancy: New Zealand, Ireland, France, etc, etc. But none of it felt real. Really, we probably wouldn’t go to New Zealand for our honeymoon. Really, I’ve already been to France, and although I want to go back, do I want to go back for my honeymoon?

Then, it happened … somehow, Jake got inspired, and he said, “What about Central America? What about … Belize?”

Do you know where Belize is located? I didn’t. I do now, because I’m obsessed with their tourism website. Ob-sessed.  I look at it every day. Belize is located on the eastern coast of Central American, facing the Caribbean Sea, just about equidistant from the top of North America and the bottom of South America—smack dab in the middle but right on that bright blue ocean water. The kind of ocean water you see on postcards. That is Belize.

Waterfall in Belize rainforest.
It’s got white, sandy beaches. It’s got a rainforest. It’s got Mayan ruins. There’s also this crazy thing known as “The Great Blue Hole.” Strangely enough, English is the official language of Belize. An example of traditional cuisine: rice and red beans cooked together in coconut milk. Plus, seafood, seafood, SEAFOOD!!! From the Belize website: “It is not uncommon to see people dancing in the street outside a shop where music is blasting or to emphasize a conversation point with a little dance.” People who love to swim in the ocean, eat good food, and dance in the streets? Why haven’t I been here before??? SIGN ME UP!

Jake and I will be going on our honeymoon in early 2012. We will be celebrating our marriage on the beaches of Belize, hopefully while drinking fresh-made pina coladas out of a coconut. The week after our wedding in November, we are planning a mini-trip to Sedona and possibly Flagstaff, just to unwind and “get away.” Around here, it’s not difficult to find beauty in our backyard.

I get giggly when I talk about Belize, but it’s not just because of the beach. It’s because it will be me and my husband on vacation. Jake and I recently returned from a trip back to where we met in Charleston, South Carolina, and it was great … but it wasn’t about us. It was about our Charleston friends and family; we didn’t have very much alone time. In Belize, it will be Jake and Sara alone time. No distractions. No nagging schedules or responsibilities. Nothing but me and the man I love. On a beach. In Belize!!

4 thoughts on “Where Would You Go on Your Honeymoon?

  1. Hi Sara, I was considering Belize for my honeymoon too… the photo you have up there with the wood huts is amzing…any chance you know which resort that is? I was looking for somethig exactly like that …:)

    1. I’m not really sure where that picture is from … Definitely stay on Ambergris Caye in Belize!!! There are a ton of beautiful resorts there. Just search “Ambergris Caye tourism,” and a great website pops up. I would suggest Belize to anyone and everyone. It’s paradise. It’s peaceful. It’s the happiest place on Earth. (Disney has got nothin’ on Ambergris Caye.) Send me an email if you want additional suggestions!

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