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Sara the Bridezilla?

It’s my own fault that I’ve been watching evil TV shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress. I think they really screwed with my head—Bridezillas, in particular—but I needed help. I didn’t know how to plan a wedding, so I thought watching TV shows about wedding planning would be useful; but have they been useful or detrimental?

Bridezillas is a reality TV show that follows a bride through the wedding planning process. Sounds simple and interesting, but it’s scarier than you might think. The women they feature on this program are self-absorbed, awful people who treat their families and friends like crap. If I had a chance to punch one of these brides in the face (preferably right before her ceremony), I would. I wish I could feel bad for their fiancés, but I can’t. After all, the poor bastards knew what they were getting into when they proposed.

Say Yes to the Dress is about wedding dress shopping at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. This isn’t your basic wedding dress shopping. The dress I saw on this program the other night was twenty-seven grand, to give you an idea. This show—about one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life—also features annoying, spoiled brats and the stupid parents who cater to their every whim. I wish I could feel bad for the sales associates, but they knew what they were getting into when they turned in an application.

Almost "The Dress," from Saja. But not quite ...
Last week, my mom flew into town for wedding madness. I wanted her help in the planning, so I was happy to have her here. However, the above mentioned programs made me wonder: in order to be a successful bride, did I have to become a terrible person? If TV teaches us anything, then yes, I had to be vicious, conniving, and self-centered to get anything done. This scared me, because generally, I like to think of myself as nice, considerate, and concerned with the well-being of others. What was a kind, Christian girl to do?

We started with dress shopping, first in Scottsdale and then, in Cave Creek. I was ready to battle and pout (after all, that’s what Say Yes to the Dress condones). It started at Bella Bridesmaid, where I found glamorous, dream-worthy dresses by Saja and the pleasant personality of co-owner, Kristen. I was shocked! Wait, you mean wedding dress shopping can be a peaceful, fun experience? But that’s not what the TV shows taught me!

We moved on in the afternoon to Almond Tree in Cave Creek, where co-owner Pam treated me like the only bride on earth. And I was the only bride in the shop. (They like to give their customers full attention.) I found “The Dress” at Almond Tree, but I still had additional appointments Friday, so I held off on purchase until Saturday afternoon.

Black bacarra roses. I'm obsessed.
On Thursday, we went on a flower search. We headed to Wolz’s Florist in Glendale, where I met Barb. We were referred to her via my venue, WindStar Gardens, co-owner Lois (an informative, helpful answer to prayer). Barb took one look at me and knew what I wanted. The more I talked to her, the more I felt like she was some old friend who perfectly understood I wanted red roses, with the added touch of black bacarra. She knew how the centerpieces should look. She knew everything … and I didn’t have to sob, scream, or throw anything to get my way.

That night, we went to a caterer tasting at Fresh from the Kitchen. The owner, Theresa Nobles, had the event at her own home. She sat down and asked me questions about what I wanted and how she could make it happen. I met the chef, Noelle, and ate amazing food, surrounded by amazing company. Again, I did not need to throw a tantrum or bash my head into a wall to make my expectations clear.

Wedding planning is going well, and I didn’t even have to become a monster to do it. Shows like Bridezilla and Say Yes to the Dress are very scary to a girl who knows nothing about weddings. They make brides out to be psychotic wenches—and it’s true, the girls on these programs often are. In the last week, I have discovered that people involved in wedding planning are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. And why not? They get to work with men and women who are preparing for one of the most romantic moments of their lives. I have also discovered that being nice gets you a lot further than cuss words and mental breakdowns.

To the bridezillas out there: shut up and smile, especially since TLC hasn’t come up with a program called “Recently Divorced and Miserable.” Yet. And to the women on Say Yes to the Dress: you don’t have to spend the price of a new home on your dress. Find something that makes you feel sexy, sure, but let’s face it: your groom loves you for who you are—with or without twenty pounds of tulle.

She went about three grand over her budget. Oops.

3 thoughts on “Sara the Bridezilla?

  1. Sara,
    One weekend last year, while recuperating from a cold, I watched 16 back to back episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, so I know what you’re talking about.
    About Bridezillas…they purposely get bitches to be on the program. It makes for captivating TV for the collective consciousness, but I can’t even stomach it while running on the treadmill.
    We women often buy into what we think we should be doing for our wedding planning. You make it however you wish. It’s your day and I’m sure you’re going to be stunning and it will be a day to remember.

  2. Sixteen episodes? EEEP! I’m doing my best to make our wedding perfect for Jake and me. I’m also doing my best to be niiiiiice 🙂

  3. Well if you had to do ALL of the wedding planning in 7 days and had to wait until the week of the wedding to do it, you may get a bit over whelmed. Also having cameras make you late and having you do things over and over doesn’t help either… You to may have became a bridezilla. Remember it’s TV.

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