Why a White Wedding?

I never thought I’d start a fight with Billy Idol, but never say never, right?

As you know, Jake and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day. We want to enjoy our engagement time, so we haven’t set a wedding date. There are too many things up in the air right now for us to seriously book a venue, DJ, caterer, etc. However, my parents were in Phoenix for our engagement celebration. They live in Ohio, so since they were here, I agreed to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and Jake’s bro, Zach.

Something you need to understand about me … Although I have fantasized (vaguely) about my wedding day (exponentially more since I met Jake), I have never seriously considered my wedding dress. There are women out there—one of them being my gal pal Janine—who have known the precise dress they will wear down the aisle. As soon as these women get engaged, they buy their dream dress, because the dress has been waiting for them for years; why wait any longer?

After my David’s Bridal experience, I am jealous of these women, because my David’s Bridal experience taught me three things:
1) I look heinously chubby in traditional wedding dresses.
2) Zach looks better than me in most veils.
3) I look sickly wearing white.

Although item 2 is disheartening, items 1 and 3 are of much greater importance, considering I will soon be a bride, requiring a wedding dress, and I look terrible in most wedding dresses. My mother would argue this point; she thought I looked beautiful in a couple of the gowns. However, the problem is, I didn’t feel beautiful. And isn’t the bride supposed to feel beautiful on her big day?

I decided to do some research into the whole white wedding dress thing, and here’s what I found … Wedding dresses were not popularly white until 1840, when the British Queen Victoria wore a white dress for her marriage to her cousin, Albert of Saxe-Coburg. (Do we really want to perpetuate a tradition founded in incest? Uh …) This famous people wearing white thing became the symbol of Hollywood when actress Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco in 1956 in a fancy, white gown. So the white wedding dress is fairly new.

I know what you’re going to say. There’s the image of purity that is associated with wearing white. Granted. But how many women in America can wear white as a sign of purity anymore?

Jake and I have discussed all of this, and he admits he prefers me in blue. Chinese women get to wear red. Gothic chicks get away with black. So what about me? How am I going to make this work? Although the trip to David’s Bridal was helpful, it certainly didn’t bring me any closer to finding the dress of my wedding dreams.

I’m starting to get ideas, but it’s going to be awhile before I find the PERFECT dress. I’m happy to know I don’t have to wear white. I’m sad to tell Billy Idol that his wedding song is no longer my favorite. I probably won’t be a traditional bride, but I’m gonna find a way to look good for my man—my soon-to-be husband—because Jake is too hot to have a chubby, sickly chick at his side.

Viva la bridal revolution!

11 thoughts on “Why a White Wedding?

  1. Sara, You are traditional in some things and not in others. It’s your wedding and you can wear whatever makes your happy heart flutter. Wearing a traditional white gown wasn’t my cup of tea. I found a perfect sea foam green dress, to match the ocean I was married by. Start visualizing your dress and it will find you. Happy trails cowgirl. Yee haw! She’s agettin’ married! Let the fun begin!

  2. Sara, I am SO happy for you and Jake. I truly think that you guys are the perfect duo:)

    If it makes you feel any better… I cringed at the thought of wedding dress shopping. Big puffy dresses give me serious anxiety, and not to mention… I hate trying clothes on. If you ask me, dressing rooms are right there on the list with port-a-potties.

    After trying on MANY gowns, I felt annoyed and un-bridely. BUT I did eventually find the perfect dress. In my case, it was white, somewhat puffy (gasp), and (most importantly) it made me feel fabulous.

    Whatever style or color of the dress you decide to wear, I’m sure it will be spectacular! Enjoy the fun engagement phase, and call me if you need any help. I was in your shoes not that long ago:)

    xo Nicole

    1. I just might need some help, especially since you did this yourself fairly recently!

      And I do believe in the perfect dress. I just have to SEARCH for it in creative places … 🙂

  3. Can I just say thank you for the laugh?!? I am not laughing at you, but of the pictures you posted just to set the record straight!

    I personally believe today, a traditional wedding and all that comes with it is not as common as it used to be. Though I did wear a white wedding dress, but ceremony was not what I would call traditional. And, I have never regretted it! And, for the record, I married young and am about to celebrate 11 years of marriage! Do what you feel most comfortable with. it is your day and no one will remember it more or longer than YOU and JAKE! 🙂

    1. I love the ugly wedding dress pics 🙂 And I love the idea of my marriage to Jake. Our wedding is gonna be awesome. I just need to be patient with the process!

  4. Three things, I am not married, but I never, ever pictured myself in a white wedding gown. If I ever get married at my ripe old age, it will probably be in blue jeans. =:o

    Secondly, I had to laugh after reading your post and seeing the pictures. I remember seeing a picture year years ago that looked like the dress was made out of cotton balls. I think a group of friends ripped it out of a magazine a pinned it up as a reminder of what not to do at a wedding.

    Three, you can now get a wedding dress at – get this – Costcos! Run Fast before they are all gone. LOLROF
    This is so great, a wedding section at Costcos!

  5. Hi! I checked out your blog of the AZ Girls Pint Out event since I’m a fellow beer lover, and stumbled across this post. I am getting married in 3 weeks and the idea of a white poofy wedding dress also gave me lots of anxiety. I found a lot of great alternative bridal lines out there that offer really beautiful, natural looking gowns. Just wanted to forward on the information in case you were interested 🙂 By the way, such a romantic engagement story! Love Cibo!

    I ended up choosing a dress from the Saja collection, and it’s great because they put every bride’s photos up on facebook and you can see how real women look in the dresses, not just models.

    They don’t have stores in Arizona, but luckily a Bella Bridesmaid just opened up in Scottsdale in January so they carry the Saja & Jenny Yoo lines. They’re located near the scottsdale borgata.

    Happy dress searching and hope to see you at another Pint Out event!

    1. Ooo. I will check out these websites!! Thanks so much for the suggestion. And I think I’m gonna try and hit the March 31st event in Tempe. Maybe I’ll see you then!

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