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Romance and Chocolate: What more is there?

A chocolate festival? You must be joking. Nay, Glendale is not joking. They really ARE hosting a Chocolate Affaire this coming weekend, and what better way to prep for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? (If you’re not romantic, who cares about Valentine’s Day? Just come for the chocolate.)

Now, I have always been a dark chocolate addict, particularly when chili and cayenne pepper are involved. That said, I’ll try anything once: even dreaded milk chocolate. Therefore, I’m ready for Saturday. The Glendale Chocolate Affaire is going on February 4th through the 6th. On Friday, chocolate flows freely from 5–10 PM; on Saturday, 10 AM–10 PM; and on Sunday, noon to 5 PM. Located in historic downtown Glendale (including Catlin Court, 58th, and Glendale Avenues), you have a chance to do so much more than merely stuff your face and fall into a self-induced post-caffeine coma …

For one thing, historic Glendale is an ideal place to shop. There are over 90 boutiques, shops, and restaurants along the way, and many of these stores will be taking part in the Valentine’s Day decorating contest during the Chocolate Affaire. There will also be musical entertainment, featuring such bands as Marmalade Skies (a Beatles tribute band) and Urban Country (covering your favorite old and new country hits).

To really top off the whole romance thing, there will be romance authors! They will be available during book signings and workshops all day Saturday and Sunday. There will also be wine tastings and horse-drawn carriage rides available, and local artists will show of their talents on the newly revamped pedestrian alleyway just off 58th Avenue.

Most importantly—to me, at least—there will be more than thirty chocolatiers at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire, covering local, regional, and national brands. More than THIRTY! That’s thirty different samples, at a minimum. I’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven.

There will be activities for kids, but let’s be serious: who wants to bring a kid to an event like this? Not when they might steal some of my chocolate. If you must bring them, there will be hands-on arts and crafts, face painting, and a rock climbing wall for their distraction. (Like I said, they better not eat my chocolate …)

The event is free, so don’t miss it! For additional details, visit the Glendale Chocolate Affaire website. I’ll see you there, although you might not recognize me with chocolate all over my face and hands.

5 thoughts on “Romance and Chocolate: What more is there?

  1. wow. I saw “chocolate” and I knew. I knew I had to read your post. 🙂
    I was pursued yesterday.
    By a slice of Chocolate Overflow. I’m seriously considering joining Chocoholic Anonymous.

    Why is Glendale so far? *sigh*

    1. Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem. However, whoever said chocolate was a problem??? I’m gonna eat ’til I explode 🙂

  2. I love downtown Glendale, the shops there are great. Make sure you get some wonderful pizza at La Piazza!!! Before the chocolate feast you will have 🙂
    I was down there over Christmas for Glendale Glitters and the atmosphere was great.

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