An H and Five Ws with MY DAD, Part II

For your consideration: Part II of An H and Five Ws with MY DAD, Dave Dobie. (If you missed Part I, click HERE.) Now, read on …

What is wrong with American politics?
What isn’t wrong with American politics? The two party system is absolutely broken. What exists today is open hostility between the two parties. They are incapable of governing fairly or working together in any meaningful way. What we have in Washington today is a herd of arrogant, egotistical, blowhards who simply want to maintain their power, prestige, and influence. If their decisions help the American public, it is purely by accident. Civility no longer exists. It has been replaced by overt antagonism for all opposing points of view, starting from the top down.

Politicians make Dad craaaazy. (Charleston, with his college pal, Dave Rich.)
America needs to exorcise the self-serving career politicians by instituting term limits. Politicians should be temporary custodians of the legislature, not permanent fixtures. We need dedicated people who truly want to serve their country for a set term and then get back to their private lives. By so doing, actual public servants would be attracted to higher offices rather than the power hungry know-it-alls, who in reality know very little. Politicians governing under term limits would actually make decisions that they felt were good for the country, not their re-election campaigns. We need to remove all incumbents and get some new blood in Washington.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of faith in the American public. We keep sending the same clowns back to Washington at a rate of ninety percent. We complain bitterly and then re-elect the same people. What’s up with that? Throw them all out! Hopefully the electorate is waking up. Remember that politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same exact reason.

Go Michigan! WOO! (Perrysburg, Christmas.)
Where do you feel most at home? Geographical and/or situational.
I feel most at home wherever my residence, my domicile, is. I have lived in numerous cities throughout Michigan and Ohio. I don’t feel any special bond or attachment to any of those places. However, whenever I travel I do eventually start to miss my house and all that it contains. I miss my bed, my TV, my furniture, all the little things I have accumulated over the years. There is comfort, safety, and a sense of security in the familiar, be that personal possessions or one’s daily routine. Vacations and travel are great fun, but as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” In the final analysis, home would be anywhere I was currently living, whether that be Ohio, South Carolina, Arizona, or Timbuktu. Someday we will live in a warmer climate. I hate winter in Ohio. When that happens, I will call that home.

When are you going to give up on the Detroit Lions?
Actually, I already have. It is true that I still root for them to win, but I have no expectations that they will ever be successful for a full season. I am totally convinced that this franchise will never compete for a Super Bowl in my lifetime. It is hard to believe in curses or divine retribution but if you are a Lions fan, it does make you wonder. Anyway, their losses no longer adversely affect me because I fully expect them to self-destruct, sometimes in very creative ways. That’s what makes them fun to watch. What silly or outrageous thing will they do this week to lose the game?

Me, Little Dobes, and Dad. (Perrysburg, Christmas.)
Why did you want to become a husband? A father?
For my generation, marriage and parenthood were expected. I also believe marriage is a divinely created union between a man and a woman. It is a state that God prefers for most of us, and He has put in us a God-implanted desire to move in that direction. There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I would ever get married, but then I met your mother and it seemed so natural. No one wants to do life alone. Marriage provides the vehicle for a committed relationship, a certain permanence, where we can love and be loved in return. It provides a union for support and encouragement when facing life’s challenges. It is easier to do life when you have a loving partner, and marriage is the perfect platform for that to happen.

Children are a natural progression from the marital state. As parents we get to participate in the creation process. I can’t imagine doing life without children. As much as one loves a parent, sibling, or even a spouse, the love a parent has for their children is unmatched and quite profound. It can’t really be explained, but only experienced. Marriage and fatherhood were easy choices and without a doubt the best decisions of my life.


Yeah, I was crying by the end of this. So that’s my dad, in a six question nutshell. Mom always said I got my writing ability from my father, even though he never thought of himself as “a writer.” I think she may be right. The older I get, the more I realize I got more than just writing ability from the guy, though—I also got a dry sense of humor, a waning interest in social interaction, and well, a definite expectation that any sports team in Michigan is bound to fail.

More than that, I am who I am today because of the parents God gave me. Growing up, my friends called them “The Nazi Parents,” but I now thank them for it. My parents raised me with proper values, discipline, and Christianity. Without them, I would be utterly lost (as would my little bro). Their guidance was—and continues to be—priceless. For that, I thank them. I’m very lucky to have the support system I have: Dad, Mom, Aunt Susie, Papa and Grandma Schwind, Little Dobes, and of course, Jake. My family raised me right, so that I would be prepared for life’s challenges and for eventually being a good woman to a good man.

Thanks again, Dad, for doing this interview. Keep rockin’ your sarcastic, retired self in Perrysburg, Ohio. Love you so much! And GO LIONS!

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