Steven Slater: Angry Genius, on Bradmouth

Did you hear about the flight attendant who went nuts, cussed out a plane full of passengers, and escaped down the emergency slide?

No, seriously, it’s not a joke; did you hear about it?  If not, you can get the skinny here.

Steven Slater, flight attendant for JetBlue, had a very bad day Monday, August 9th. It started out normal enough—another day in the life of a gay male flight attendant in America.

But it took a turn for the worse when a passenger bonked him on the head with a big piece of luggage. It was <dun-dun-duuuun> the Final Straw. According to the New York Daily News, Slater responded to this head-bashing with: “To the f—–g a–hole who told me to f–k off, it’s been a good 28 years … I’ve had it. That’s it.” He then grabbed a couple beers, activated the emergency exit, and slid his way to freedom.

I have a theory that it wasn’t just the luggage to the head that caused this outburst, and the theory builds the more I think about my own personal experiences in air travel. My theory is that airlines, generally, are evil.

Now, for the rest of it, you gotta head over to Bradmouth. Happy weekend, kids.

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