Don’t Wanna Write Anymore

So what does a writer do when she doesn’t feel like writing? I dunno. I’m asking you. I haven’t updated my blog since last Tuesday. I’ve been busy, yeah, but that’s not why it hasn’t been updated. It hasn’t been updated because I haven’t felt like writing.

Uh … what the hell is up with that? I’m a writer. If I don’t write, than what am I? I’m just Sara Dobie, human being, and well, as interesting as that might be to some people, it doesn’t feel interesting to me.

I’m sure this will pass, because it usually does.

Writing is an outlet. It is my way to decompress, so if I haven’t been doing it, am I therefore compressed? Am I, in fact, ready to pop? I guess I could do what other people do to decompress. Wait, what do other people do to decompress?

My father sits down in his reclining chair at 4:30 PM every day. He’s retired, in case you were wondering, so he can get away with this. At 4:30 PM, Dad sits there with his Labatt Blue (or sometimes Coors Original) and his reduced fat Cheez-Its. He turns on ESPN. He watches Jim Rome is Burning. He changes the channel at 5 PM to watch MASH, because he doesn’t like the Around the Horn guys. Then, at 5:30, he goes back to ESPN and watches Pardon the Interruption. He does this. Every day. To decompress.

I always knew when my friend and ex-roommate Hannah needed to decompress, because she would go on runs. All the time. She would get home from work, change immediately into her black Under Armor ensemble, and she would run, run, run. Usually, she’d be back an hour later, sweating from nose to toes. Then, she would grab a book and hide on our back porch until bed. She did this to decompress.

So what the hell am I supposed to do? I could take a hint from Dad and Hannah. I, too, have the occasional beer/Cheez-its routine, and I work out at least three times a week. Oh, see, but that makes me think I already do these things—out of habit, not to decompress. So my decompression tactic has to be something else. And since I don’t feel like writing, I better figure it out, before I do just explode all over the apartment.

I guess I could go lay out by the pool. But I always feel bad when I do that, because I feel like I should be working or cleaning or doing something productive.

I could watch some daytime television. Wait, no, I don’t wanna do that.

I could go for a walk around the pond across the street from our house. Feed the crazy geese with some stale bread. The weather channel says it’s only 90 degrees right now.

Or maybe I could curl up in a tiny ball on our brand new king-size bed and pretend I’m shrinking.

Huh. What do other writers do when they don’t feel like writing? Or do those weird news clips about spontaneous combustion answer that question?

13 thoughts on “Don’t Wanna Write Anymore

  1. I am not a writer, but I feel the same way about design. I have not wanted to design lately. I used to go and tink around in photoshop or illustrator to decompress, but, well I’m not doing that either. I actually have started playing the piano again. Very therapeutic. In any case, I can relate to this blog post. 🙂

    1. Piano?? I didn’t know you played piano. Jake loves to play–maybe that’s part of his decompression mode–but he hasn’t been able to since we moved to PHX. I guess I need to find several outlets, in case I get bored with one of them. I usually like to read, too, but I haven’t even liked THAT lately. The safe answer is food. I like food all the time 🙂

  2. They do homework, lots of homework! Wait…that’s why I have trouble finding time to write. haha
    Blogging is writing so I guess I’m kind of covered.
    Honestly I’m making notes, thinking of ideas, thinking if I’m doing the whole writing thing correctly, editing, doing research when I’m not writing. The nuts and bolts of writing can often take up more time than writing itself, so I’ve discovered over the years.

    1. You’re right: blogging is writing, but it doesn’t have the same cleansing effect for me as a total escape of my real world. I’m talking fiction. Fiction is my real escape, but I’m just having trouble this week, ya know? And you’re totally correct: preparing to write is more work than the actual process of WRITING. Crazy.

  3. I love that you “wrote” a whole blog entry about not being able to write! Brilliant! You know, I have learnt to come to peace with those moments when I don’t want to write. If I really detach myself from the guilt of not writing and try to forget, for a few days, that I am a writer (and sometimes its longer than a few days), the writing comes back suddenly and even better! Unfortunately a lot of chocolate is involved in the de-writing process. I think it helps with the guilt that I try to detach from 🙂 Good luck, Sara! I love your writing!

    1. I hear ya! I think my chocolate equivalent is red wine/cheese and crackers 🙂 I’m taking a little break. I think it’ll be good for me. And I love your writing, too!

  4. Sara, I thought I could start writing about my twenty five years in the auto industry, maybe two projects at one time one historical and scholarly , and the other fiction based on my experience as someone who played by the rules, did what society dictated to get ahead and still was screwed by his managers, government, and the UAW. but I can’t seem to get a paragraph started than I get so pissed about the subject I walk away. My roomate has been working on a piece of fiction for about four years, he really needs a proof reader feels one will be provided when he finds a publisher who “likes” his work. I don’t think he’ll find a publisher since his first sentence starts with the sentence “Every day starts the same, to me” I told him that he can’t end a sentence with a prepositional phrase, (and the first sentence) I see this manuscript going to the trash can

    1. I totally understand the whole getting really really angry thing. I’ve had to walk away from work before, because it’s gotten me so fired up. I guess it’s just too soon for you. Maybe you still need some distance between the events and your current life. HOWEVER I will say that on occasion my anger has really made the writing ROCK. Anger can easily be felt through writing, and sometimes, it’s perfect to express that anger to your reader–will make it more of an emotional experience for them, too. RUN WITH IT, MAN!

  5. Hi, Sara.

    Another great blog. Hey, if you don’t feel like writing, you probably are looking for your muse. Writing is a dynamic process, and you can’t put a timer on it (at least, with excellent writers such as yourself). You have to breathe in life for a while, and then when something impresses upon you in just the right way, breathe it out onto your keyboard and into your blog.

    Hope you’re having a great summer!

    Tom Ossa

    1. Ah, Tom, excellent point. As a writer, I do have a tendency to get lost behind my computer. However, in order to write “life,” we have to observe “life.” So easy to forget …

  6. I’m not sure I decompress anymore. I exercise. But it feels like work. Maybe market my website? But that’s work, too.

    Maybe I’ll get a hobby. Like, a job to go to so I don’t think about writing so much.

    And you’re Dad’s right, watching around the horn is like sitting in on a flock of rabid pigeons debate whose feathers are the least lice-ridden.

    That is to say–I don’t care for it.

    theBrad (verla tag)

    1. I love this quote on your blog: “must now write in order to remain somewhat tethered to reality.” I think I write for the opposite reason 🙂 And I love your blog. I now plan to stalk your writing … but not in a creepy way.

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