Sara Does Yoga and Hell Freezes Over

Uh .. What?
Yoga makes my body feel like jell-o. I’m serious. I just got home from class, and I can barely lift my arms. This yoga thing is part of a new lifestyle I’m trying out—you know, slowing down, relaxing, all that jazz. Let me tell you how this started …

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—Urg. Gosh. Hate when I go into Star Wars flashbacks.

It all started back in Charleston, SC, when I started getting headaches. I started getting headaches, I came to realize, because when I was at work, I would clench my jaw. I would clench my jaw constantly, and constant jaw-clenching has negative effects, hence headaches, jaw aches, and neck aches. This realization led to an all-important conclusion: My job is stressing me out to the detriment of my emotional and therefore physical state. Consequently, I must quit this job. Well, those of you who know me know I quit that job. Soon after, I moved here, to Phoenix, because I love Jake and Jake got a job here. This flow of events made sense then, and it still makes sense now. And you would think the headaches would go away, wouldn’t you? I mean, I removed the jaw-clenching catalyst. It would make sense that the stress would also be removed.

Ha, the joke was on me.

I’ve come to notice, over the past month or so, that the residual stress from the job I left has gone NOWHERE. It has escalated to becoming a permanent state of fight-or-flight response during my day to day activities here in Phoenix. In fact, I have nightmares about my old job! You know the kind I’m talking about. Prior to my current nightmares about my old job, I used to have nightmares about my theater days, where I woud get in front of the audience and forget my lines. Jake has Navy nightmares, where he finds himself on watch on the carrier; he keeps telling people that he isn’t supposed to be there, but no one listens. We all have these stress dreams, but I’ve developed a new one, thanks to my old job, and it ain’t pretty! I can’t seem to shake the TRAUMA!!!! MWWAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Sounds overly dramatic, right? So why am I in so much pain all the time? Why does my head hurt every day? Why do my shoulders and back ache, because of the muscle tension in my jaw? Why can’t I get rid of this?! So that’s why this whole yoga thing is happening. That’s why I’m going to start getting a monthly deep tissue massage. It’s why I’ve started drinking “Tension Tamer” tea and learned to practice deep breathing. I even bought candles and bubble bath.

This stuff isn’t a punishment, but it’s new to me—Sara Dobie, the perfectionist Type A. It’s new, it’s unfamiliar, and I’m starting to like it. Because life is too damn short for me to keep on being stressed out. So, I guess, wish me luck with this whole “Yogi Sara” persona. We shall see how it goes. At least Jake benefits from it. He gets to watch me do yoga stretches on our living room floor, and who doesn’t like a nice bubble bath?

Seriously, wish me luck, though, because we all know it’s hard to slow down. It’s hard to relax, because there is always more to be done. Always another place to be. Another project to finish. I guess the key is going to be making my mind shut the HELL up. Once I get that under control, maybe the tension will be tamed. At least my legs will be more flexible …

PS: Speaking of tension, I will be flying back to Ohio next week. I will not be updating the blog until I get back. So you will have to live without me. Go to a yoga class instead. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Sara Does Yoga and Hell Freezes Over

  1. I hope the yoga is really helping. I can definetly relate to the constant feeling of ‘stress’. My list of Must Do’s seems to get longer by the second, and when I try to relax I actually feel guilty! I have decided that on particular days I need to make a “To Don’t List” and it seriously helps relieve my mind and guilt.

    To Don’t List includes: make the bed, respond to emails, clean in any way, yada yada yada…

    I think as adults we are so trained to ‘work hard’ that stopping to smell the roses is of little importance when there are impending ‘things’ that need to get done. But in hind-sight those unproductive moments tend to mean the most in the end. The family and I went to the dog park today and just ‘hung out’… ultimately, that is of more value to me than mopping the damn floor (because God knows it needs it… ugh).


    1. It’s the damn Puritan work ethic. It won’t let us relax. I like this “To Don’t List” idea. Hmm … we should print post-its that literally say “TO DON’T” that we can keep on our fridges. Yes, this is an excellent idea 🙂 And you’re right, the unproductive things we do tend to be the most memorable and meaningful!

    1. Yeah, definitely me in the photo. I’m awesome, what can I say? Seriously, this yoga thing is not easy for me. I’m going to keep going and see if, in time, my muscles actually relax. Wish me luck 🙂

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