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The Art of Bad Writing at Ignite PHX 7

Yesterday, Ignite Phoenix 7 announced the lineup of presenters for the June 11 event. Lo and behold, there I was: “The Art of Bad Writing,” Sara Dobie. Ignite Phoenix was something I heard about within about two days of being here. I had jumped into doing promotional work for PechaKucha PHX, and the fearless leader—David White—had mentioned a similar event in our big ol’ city, called “Ignite.” At the time, I thought, hmm … that might be fun. I mean, since PechaKucha PHX is focused on designers (and I’m not, in any way, a designer), I wasn’t going to be able to present there. Why not submit a presentation for Ignite Phoenix instead?

Ignite Phoenix is an evening of short presentations scheduled several times a year. At an event, you hear 18 passionate speakers talking about their favorite topics or projects for just 5 minutes each, as 20 slides of their own choosing and creation scroll behind them. The lineup of presenters for each event is unique, and I’m not kidding. For Ignite Phoenix 7, they changed it up a little bit, since we will be presenting at the Phoenix Art Museum. Because of the venue, presentation submissions had to echo a simple theme: “The Art of …” whatever you want. Being that I spend several hours of every day staring at other peoples’ literary endeavors—good and bad—I thought “The Art of Bad Writing” would be quite easy to talk about. Now, the challenge is condensing everything that pisses me off about bad writing into a five minute presentation, while including tips on how to make bad … into good. Yikes.

Back to the idea of “unique” presenters, here are some other headlines for Ignite Phoenix 7:

This is some cool stuff! Some random and COOL stuff! It better be, considering the Ignite Phoenix tagline is “Lighting a fire under the Valley’s creative community!” And I am impressed by the response it gets. For Ignite Phoenix 6, tickets sold out in a half hour. The chosen venue for Ignite Phoenix 7 is sure to get some people metaphorically banging down the online box office doors, as well. We’ll be standing in the middle of the Phoenix Art Museum! The price for tickets has gone up this time to ten bucks, but that’s because included in the ticket, attendees get a chance to tour much of the museum; see a live band—voted upon and chosen by Ignite Phoenix fans; and finally, they get to take part in “presenter interaction,” which means they get to come and stare at the presenters and ask any embarrassing question they’d like.

Oh, shoot, the presenters include ME. I guess this means I have to buy a new outfit, get a haircut, curl my eyelashes, buy really expensive scotch … oh, wait, I need to work on a presentation, too. Urmm. Okay, talk to you later. Ticket info HERE.

5 thoughts on “The Art of Bad Writing at Ignite PHX 7

  1. Very cool. Slow down a bit you don’t wanna end up cutting your eyelashes, and curling your new outfit 😉

  2. Congratulations … It’s great to read about your success.

    I’m celebrating in a much smaller way … I’ve just published my first E Book available FREE from my Blog. I hope you don’t think it’s a typical example of The Art of Bad Writing.

    That would turn me to tears!

    God bless and well done.

    1. Very cool, Victor! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by! And as always, thank you for your support 🙂

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