Happy Birthday, Rocky Horror!

I always wanted to be Magenta. I once wore the French maid costume to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show back in Bowling Green, Ohio. (And no, you can’t see the pictures.) This Friday, September 26, marks the birthday of a penultimate cult classic, released back in 1975. The day exists for me as a reminder of a film that just won’t die—that has followed me since junior high and black hair, through high school and cigarettes, then past college and into my so-called current “professional” existence. It is a film that I still love and watch repeatedly during the month of October every year, with the same dedication most people devote to The Christmas Story, come December. It is a film that I will always love, and I don’t care if you hate it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is about sex. I mean, at its basest level, that’s the theme. It’s the story of Brad and Janet—a newly engaged, innocent young couple, on a road trip to visit Dr. Everett Scott, who set them up in college. They get a flat tire, and they find themselves smushed into the middle of a heinous Transylvanian celebration of transvestites, bisexuality, and human cloning. Swirling in the center of this is TIM CURRY, otherwise known as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. (Sigh.) I love Tim Curry. My personal obsession began with RHPS and increased with Clue. I mean, who knew a man could look so good in a corset and fishnets?

I love you, Tim Curry.
I love you, Tim Curry.
Rocky Horror is not only a deluge of sexual deviance, though. It’s also a musical, and for something so horrendously low budget, the music is good. And hey, I’m a musician! I’m judgmental to a fault, but I still coo like a baby bird every time Frank-N-Furter hits that first note of “Sweet Transvestite.” I still dance around my house, hands in the air, when Janet belts, “Touch-a-touch-a-touch-a-touch me!” And I do believe “There’s a light over at the Frankenstein place…”

When I was first introduced to this film, I was a struggling teenager. I was in seventh grade. I was awkward, miserable, and wearing Kurt Cobain t-shirts that would have fit a Steelers linebacker. I had black hair. I smoked Newports. I wore big, heavy work boots, and I did anything I could to tick off my parents and society. Yet I found a circle of friends. And why? Because I found friends who were freaks for Rocky Horror Picture Show. And I fit in! The movie drew us, and by drawing us, the movie drew us together. Maybe that’s what all cult classics do—find the freaks and bind us like the One Ring of Power.

I’m thankful for Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m thankful that I found such a funny flick and fellow freak friends. I’m thankful that I still love this film and that I still own it—VHS, DVD, and soundtrack. So on this fine September day, I wish to say, “Happy Birthday, Rocky Horror!” You’re getting older, and so am I. So is Meatloaf. So is Susan Sarandon. But you’re still just as funny. Still just as freaky. Still doing the Time Warp.

If you haven’t revisited Rocky Horror recently, why not do it this weekend? Like the doctor ordered: “A mental mind f@#$ can be nice…”

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rocky Horror!

  1. I am at a loss for words… It is just so beautiful!

    Not only do I own the VHS (stolen from my 50 yr old aunt), the DVD (given to my by my oldest brother for my 16th birthday), the cassette soundtrack (given by bowie in my birthday cauldron), the CD soundtrack (given by bowie in my birthday spider bucket), the original LP soundtrack (bought off ebay and it sounds the best), a large wall hanging of my beloved Tim Curry (gift given by my boyfriend to appease me) and a shirt.

    I dont need to tell you, Sara, that I too am a fan of the RHPS. I share in many of the same ritualistic fan fun that you do. You have been present at my Karayoke renditions of Hot Pattotie and Sweet Transvestite. And this Halloween I will be partaking in the Cinebarre showing of this amazing movie. My senior quote in the yearbook was Magenta’s wise words “you’re lucky, he’s lucky, i’m lucky, we’re all lucky!”

    In conclusion… this movie’s pretty good…

    1. I love your Tim Curry wall hanging. And I look forward to our next RHPS karaoke extravaganza. We DO rock out some Sweet Transvestite, don’t we?

  2. This is awesome. I was reading it and laughed out loud several times. There will always be…a light…over at the Frankenstein place…in my heart.

    Tim Curry is the man. And Barry Bostwick…hello, did anybody besides me watch Spin City. Awesome.

    I must say, I have long loved Rocky Horror. My very first experience with Rocky Horror took place long ago…very long ago…(Freddy didn’t even remember this until I told her about it) I was in first or second grade, I can’t remember exactly, and Freddy and I were staying with my Aunt Nooney (yes…Nooney…). Anyway, it was around midnight or so, and Freddy and I woke up and walked downstairs. My aunt was in the middle of watching Rocky Horror, and when she realized we were behind her and watching it with her, she freaked out, made us cover our eyes and go back to bed. But we probably got a good, quality 15 minutes of Rocky Horror. Now, how great is it that my first taste of Rocky Horror came at such a young age. I didn’t realize it then, but how badass were we?!?

    Anyway, great dedication! And yes, my sister is a Sweet Transvestite…

  3. I love, love, love love this movie. I’m currently trying to find a copy of the dvd, b/c when i went to get it, the video store didn’t have it.

    Oh, and thank you for putting this picture up. It’s the one I was looking for. 🙂

    I love Tim Curry so much.

    1. HA! I just watched it the other day. So funny that you saw this post when you did. Yes (sigh) I do love this flick. So beautiful in its smuttiness 🙂 Tim Curry is HOT.

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