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An H and Five W’s with Ocean Photographer Clark Little

by Clark Little
by Clark Little

Waimea Bay shorebreak surfing pioneer, husband, and father of two, Clark Little has gained nationwide recognition for his photography with appearances on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and many local news stations across the U.S. “Clark’s view” is a unique view of the ocean that most will only be able to experience safely on land, while studying one of Clark’s photos.

Now with a camera upgrade and an itch to get that better shot, Clark has taken this on full time and has moved his office from land, to the inside of a barrel. Since the recent stir of Clark’s work, his images have been run on the Today Show, ABC World News Now, Paris Match (France), Hana Hou (Hawaiian Airlines) magazine, Surfer magazine as well as multiple publishers and newspapers in the U.S. and overseas.

Clark Little
Clark Little

I consider myself lucky to have come upon this other-worldly photography. (Who knew that I would actually ENJOY getting a random chain letter via email, ya know?) Being that I have occasional fear of water, this stuff fascinates me. Anyway, as soon as I saw his work, I had to ask him to be on my blog. Here it is: An H and Five W’s with Clark Little. A man of few words and TONS of talent.

1) How did you become a photographer?
my wife wanted a picture for our house.

by Clark Little
by Clark Little

2) Who is your biggest artistic influence?
mother nature (the ocean and waves)

3) What made you decide to focus on photos of the sea?
the ocean is my second home : ) i feel like i belong there

Clark at play.
Clark at play.

4) Where is your favorite place to photograph?
big sandy shorebreaks…

by Clark Little
by Clark Little

5) When have you been MOST CRUSHED by a wave?
ke iki shorebreak, the waves there are super thick and strong.

6) Why are you a photographer?
good question. i love to be in the ocean and capture different images and share them with the world : )

by Clark Little
by Clark Little

Check out more of Clark’s work at his website: http://www.clarklittlephotography.com/. Thanks for stopping in for a visit, Clark! Watch out for those waves!

This’ll be my last post until next week. I’m heading home to Ohio for my little bro’s graduation at my own alma mater, Ohio University. No, it won’t be nuts at all.

The Dobie sibs. Congrats, little bro. Athens, here I come.
The Dobie sibs. Congrats, little bro. Athens, here I come.

Wait. It’s Ohio University. Strike that. Junction Punches and Journey karaoke, here I come. If I’m in jail Monday morning, will someone please bail me out?

Have a good weekend, gang!

One thought on “An H and Five W’s with Ocean Photographer Clark Little

  1. Holy moly!!! I’m doing an illustration with waves in it and having been looking for reference photos. These are amazing. Hands down, the best I’ve seen yet! I’ll check out his site for inspiration. Also send the link to my daughter who just graduated with a photography degree. Cool post. Thanks Sara. Thanks for the link from the BB.


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