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Taco Boy and sand in my purse

I can’t believe the weather in Charleston today. There’s an inkling of summer in the air, and the touch of summer has made us all beach-crazy. In the seventy degree heat, you can just feel the creep of jungle July, when we’ll be wishing for March all over again.


I made my way to Folly Beach this morning. Upon arrival, surfer boys in wet suits were everywhere. The wind was so intense, I had to leave after an hour. I swear, I lost a couple layers of skin just walking down to the water, and I will never get all the sand out of my purse. Yes, I managed to get burnt, and I was only there for what felt like a second. Damn this Ohio skin of mine.

tacoboy2After the beach, we headed to Taco Boy on the main strip of Folly Beach. It was packed, of course. The quality of the food and the “beachy” environment keep it that way nine months of the year. Because we had a puppy dog travelling with us, we sat on the back porch. While the dogs made friends, we made friends with the menu and our margaritas.


I love the servers at Taco Boy. It’s like they’ve been at the beach all day, even though they’ve probably been prepping since eleven AM. We started with the Salsa Trio—three different salsas, served with warm, salty tortillas. Each salsa was individually spectacular, from the roasted jalapeno tomato salsa, to the salsa cruda, to the pico de gallo. By the time the waitress came back, my breath could have killed a horse. And dang, was I happy about it.


I ordered three tacos: the Baja Fish Taco, the Grilled Fish Taco, and the Tuna Taco. (When at the beach, eat like you’re at the beach.) Of the three, the Tuna Taco was my favorite. It comes with seared Ahi tuna, chipotle slaw, and cilantro. The Ahi is served in strips, cut so you can see how close it is to raw. The flavor of the fresh fish required no spice (although the chipotle slaw was out of this world). When I took a visit to the communal guy-girl bathrooms, I tried to see into the kitchen, just because I suspected them of having tanks of fish back there being killing as soon as the orders came up.


A note on the bathrooms: they are communal. As a chick, the first time I headed in there and came out to wash my hands, I had to question my margarita consumption because there was a DUDE washing his hands next to me. Just be prepared, ladies. And for you men out there, we ARE watching to see if you wash your hands. The pressure is on. Don’t screw up.


The Grilled Fish Taco also left a lasting impression. It was composed of chipotle marinated Mahi Mahi with cilantro Dijon sauces, field greens, and salsa cruda. It’s so light and spicy, you could almost call it a health food. Almost.


Overall, Taco Boy has never disappointed. Neither has Folly Beach, beyond the occasional wind storm. So if you’re in the Charleston area, I suggest a visit. Make a day of it. Drive down to Folly Beach. Walk through the waves, ducking flying surf boards from the newbies who haven’t quite gotten their sea legs. Then, head over to Taco Boy. Remember to bring your puppy and your appetite, and leave some Folly sand on your seat when you go!


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