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I had an insanely good meal last night at Fish Restaurant on King Street, downtown Charleston. The meal itself lasted a good two-and-a-half hours, and everything I tried was perfect. I mean it. PERFECT.


1) THE WINE! I don’t like zinfandel. Well. I didn’t like zinfandel. Now, I love zinfandel. It was called Writer’s Block. (Thankfully, I don’t suffer from the disease this morning…) It was a HUGE California red—more like a cabernet blend than a straight up zin. It was lush, full of fruit, and almost sweet on the finish. I practically cried when the bottle ran dry.


2) DIM SUM! For happy hour, these bite-size snacks are but a dollar.  I tried the crab wonton in plum sauce, the duck confit goat cheese steamed bun, and the snapper spring roll with ginger aioli. Damn fine. Each and every one of them.


3) STEAMED CLAMS! I’m from Ohio, so fresh, delicate, steamed clams weren’t something often shared at the dinner table. For this, I will be eternally bitter, because steamed clams should always be shared at the dinner table. Now that I live by the ocean, they WILL BE. These little guys were served in a sake, shallots, coconut lemongrass broth, and honestly, if I hadn’t been in public, I would have sipped from the bowl.


4) THE WINE!!!!!! MORE WINE!!!


5) For the entrée, I ordered the craziest thing I saw. I didn’t regret my decision. I had NICO’S DUCK CASSOULET. This was a gorgeous platter, artfully arranged with a bunch of stuff stacked together in a way that made you think, “Huh. Never thought of putting THAT together.” White beans, duck confit, pork belly, haricot vert, and sausage—see, you never thought of it either.


6) I could have stopped eating at this point. (Honestly, the wine was already gone.) HOWEVER, I just had to push the envelope and dive straight into dessert—the PUMPKIN BAKED ALASKA. Listen to this… “Frozen pumpkin cheesecake is layered with coconut sponge cake topped in praline meringue and sprinkled with candied pistachios. For a dash of warmth, it’s flambéed with Grand Marnier.” SERIOUSLY? This cake was so dense, you could have thrown it and broken a window. By the end, I was too full to move.


I’ve never been so thoroughly impressed with every aspect of a meal. The staff knew what they were talking about, and they were pleasant on top of knowledgeable. Go to Fish. Now. Or just visit their website, A word of warning, though. As soon as you start perusing the menu, you’re going to be hungry.


PS: I’ll be featuring Charleston artist Karin Olah this week! From her website:

“Karin Olah works on canvas, linen, and paper, creating her signature collage paintings as a way to connect with America’s quilt making heritage. Using fabric, often antique textiles, the artist works in a manner that mimics the flow of paint from a brush. Intricately cut, placed, and pasted threads overlap one another and become the paintings’ stories. Much of the artist’s palette pairs historical Charleston colors with lush complementary tones selected from her vast fabric collection. Translucent layers of cottons, silks, and linens blend with opaque calligraphic brushstrokes as graphite lines intersect the surface. Karin finishes many of the compositions with a dance of colorful encircling thread.”


For more about Karin, visit her website at:

2 thoughts on “FISH!

  1. Hey Sara, I’ve never been to Fish, but I’ve always wondered about it because it always looks empty inside! How I’ll have to try it out some time!

  2. Sara, so happy you enjoyed yourself at Fish and appreciate the shout out on the blog. There’s lots to love at Fish and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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