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First Friday on Broad

Broad Street in downtown Charleston is one of my favorite streets. I remember thinking this before I even knew the street’s name—on that first four hour walk across my beautiful city on my first day in South Carolina. At 5:30 PM, the sun looks like it’s setting down the middle of Broad Street. It makes the palm trees fluorescent, and the wide window fronts on all the galleries burn orange.

I first heard about “First Friday on Broad” when my family was here for a visit. I figured, why not? Let’s do a gallery walk! (At the time, I didn’t realize wine and food were served on this gallery walk. Now, I know. I even know who has the best refreshments and what time to get there for first dibs.) First Friday happens the first Friday of every month. It’s an opportunity for all the galleries of “Gallery Row” to highlight their newest exhibits, from 5 to 7 PM.  It’s an opportunity for Charlestonians (and our tourist friends) to wander around and look at pretty things we’ll never be able to afford.

Case in point: the work of Cary Henrie, featured at my favorite art nook, The Mary Martin Gallery. Okay, maybe this gallery is my favorite BECAUSE of the work of Cary Henrie. Anyway, it’s amazing stuff. Plus the owner is a sweetheart—always willing to give you the history of one of the paintings in her beautiful shop.

I just attended First Friday on Broad this past Friday. (Yes, you just missed it.) It was more packed than usual, thanks to the Charleston Food and Wine Festival, which also has been going on downtown. However, it was still pleasant. Broad Street was still beautiful. The wine was just as good, and my favorite Cary Henrie painting has yet to sell…

For more information about First Friday on Broad, check out For more about Mary Martin and Cary Henrie, visit For a good time, be on Broad Street April 3.

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