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me in the morning.
me in the morning.

My name is Sara Dobie, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator for a publishing company in Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve only been here–this city, this company–for eight months. I’m originally from Ohio, where I spent the entirety of the first twenty-five years of my life. I don’t miss Ohio. I’m one of the blessed few who has found her city and her industry. I love Charleston; I love my job. But it is only a job…

I’m also a writer. I’ve won short story contests; I’ve completed three full-length novels. I completed my most recent novel January 2, 2009. It’s called “SNM.” It takes place in Charleston, SC, and the first scene is the dismantling of a male-female romantic relationship at one of my favorite bars here in my beautiful city. Is it semi-autobiographical, you ask? Well. We don’t know each other that well yet.

I have a second job, too, beyond the daytime PR gig. I work as a hostess at one of the classy joints in downtown Charleston. I’ve been referred to as glorified door candy by one of my coworkers at the restaurant, and I don’t mind. It’s a second job, and I like smiling at strangers. Plus I have two jobs! In this economy, there is no one more blessed than a woman with two jobs.

On top of all this, I do have occasion to sing. I have a grainy, jazz voice, so I sing grainy, jazz music. Billie Holiday is my vocal icon, and I thought it was hilarious when Etta James put down Beyonce Knowles in recent media reports. I’ve performed at Mistral on Market Street in downtown Charleston, and this past Friday, I belted out an unplanned number on the roof of the Vendue Inn. Alas, there is rarely the time for singing preparation. Therefore, singing is something I do on the fly…much like the random beginning of this blog.

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